Mpow Universal Waterproof Case

Mpow Universal Waterproof Case

Its simple and yet so elegant, a case that can store your phone and make it waterproof as its IPX8 Waterproof. Best of all it supports any iPhone, Samsung Galaxy,HTC,PIxel or so on.  Most important the Mpow universal Waterproof case will keep your phone really dry and protected as you are at the beach, pool or anywhere else there is a large body of water.

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Mpow Universal Waterproof Case

The case itself is ideal for protecting your phone as you do what you do while being near or in water. best of all its designed so that you can operate your phone while its inside the bag easy.

The packaging that comes with the pouch contains a simple carry string for securing the pouch around your neck and a arm band. The case itself is scratch resistant as it made from durable materials which means you can buy one and keep using these cases for a while. The built in window allows you not only to see your phone but also to operate it as if you had it directly in hand. You can even interact with the phone above and below water.

There is a locking mechanism built in to seal your phone inside once you place it inside the case. Everything is sealed up tight creating a water free environment.

When to get one of these cases?

So as you may realize some phone have Waterproofing out the box while others don’t. This pouch allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds by providing a solid waterproof pouch that will protect your phone while you are near or in water.So if your phone is not waterproof get one of these to make it waterproof if you are going near water and will need to use your phone.


What devices will fit?

This can fit regular size devices or devices that are as large as the iPhone 7 Plus and so on. So most phones that currently exist will fit no problem.

Were to buy

You can get yours right here:

Why buy it?

1. Provides solid waterproofing for your phone.

2.Allows phone to operate in places it would not operate by making it waterproof.

3.Great price.

4.made out of solid materials.



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