9 Piece Outdoor Patio Dining Set Extendable

patio dining sets

The 9 piece Brushed Nickel Poly Wood Extendable Outdoor Patio Dining Set is a great wood outdoor dining table with brushed nickel finish in a very modern design that’s inclusive of 8 chairs and a extendable table that can extend from 63 inches to 86 inches max. The wood from which this table is made is a all weather poly wood slats with a durable Aluminum frame that can survive life on the outside while maintaining their look. This dining set is ideal for outdoor dining and entertaining friends or family whenever you have a get together.

The 8 piece Chair Set

Each chair is very comfortable and very durable offering your guests the ability to sit comfortably while seating a maximum of 8 easily. Also when you are finished with these chairs you can store them away by stacking them one atop the other which accommodates easy and convenient storage. You also don’t have to worry about insects affecting the wooden portions as they can resist such attacks and you will get great customer service from the manufacturers should you need it which I highly doubt.

patio dining sets

The Extendable Table

patio dining sets

Normal Mode (63 inches)

The Table itself is the most interesting center piece as it can extend to a total length of 86 inches, this features is very helpful when you need extra space to hold extra things for a party or to seat additional guests. This makes this one of the best patio dining sets as its very flexible. This patio dining sets will look great on your outdoor patio and you will never have to worry about it as it is super durable and made to last which makes it more than worth the price you are paying.

patio dining sets

Extended Mode (86 inches)

Right out of the box there is limited assembly required and the entire set can be put together with little technical knowledge which is very convenient for the owners. You will love this set because of the modern look and comfortable seating it will offer you and those you have over at the house as your guests and they will be sure to notice the quality and craftsmanship.

Why you should buy this Patio dining sets?

1. Made from durable all-weather material.

2. Is made of Wood and Aluminum.

3. Great build quality and very comfortable.

4. Chars are stackable for easy storage.

5. The table is very flexible and can be extended.


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