YETI Cooler: Is a yeti cooler worth it?

YETI Cooler

The Yeti Cooler is one of the most durable and high quality coolers on the market today. Its keep Ice and the content cooler than a traditional cooler.Things also tend to last a much longer time when you place them into one of these coolers which makes them ideal for camping and other outdoor excursions. The ultimate question is though: Is a yeti cooler worth it? and if so why? which I try to answer in this review right here for you.

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How long will my stuff last? See the 7 day test below with Ice and Dry Ice:

One of the other greatest questions is how long will my stuff keep in a Yeti cooler? Well why tell you when I can show you the 7 day melt progression using ice seeing its usually the most widely used coolant inside coolers.

So as you can see if you watch the video above even after 2 days very little melting has occurred from the time the ice was left. You will however see more of a significant melt after 3 days but there will be more than enough ice left over.After day 4 which is the typical weekend run for most people  the ice will still be solid and be able to continue to cool your coolers contents and you will have water in the base of it. Finally after day 7 the coolers contents will still be cold and you will still be able to find solid ice but the most of the ice will be melted with a lot of water compared to the ice which means this will do 7 days easy on ice.

The Yeti cooler in these two (2) videos is the Yeti Tundra 75 cooler that you can buy here if you are interested and are impressed with the performance.

It’s recommended that you use dry ice with these coolers for best results and you can see a 7 day dry ice test video below:

Again from the test in this video you can see that the more dry ice you have the longer things will last and you can easily get several days easy such as a weekend or 4 days with enough dry ice as you can see 16 pounds of dry ice gave roughly 3 days worth of cooling.

So conclusion is that ice is easier to work with with a Yeti cooler and with this cooler you will get performance that easily outshines a traditional cooler.

How durable is a Yeti Cooler?

I don’t think I need to sing the praises of the Yeti cooler it practically speaks for itself as a Grizzly bear could not even budge or destroy its exterior to get to the contents inside and is a true testament to how well it will keep your things safe. This is true reassurance for those who may venture into the wild and need to know without a doubt that their food is secure and will be there when they get back.

Not even a 500 pound strong man could destroy this awesome cooler, it can survive a fall from a cliff without taking any damage and still work flawlessly.


What size Yeti Cooler should I choose?

Most customers ultimately cannot decide which yeti cooler to get or which size they are to go with as they are looking for a great mix of portability and functionality.

With that in mind you have several sizes to consider that range from 20 Quarts all the way to 75 quarts and 160 quarts to work with:

1.Yeti Tundra Cooler

YETI Cooler

This is a base cooler and one of the best options if you are just starting out and need something really small and portable. You will love it for its compact size and functionality. For choice you will have the options of going with one of three (3) colors that include: White, Ice Blue or desert Tan.You can easily hold ice for a week believe it or not and can keep your drinks and other foods while you camp or go fishing. Heck you can store your catch of the day or week-end no problems and be in no rush to take it home as it will remain as fresh as you caught it.

2.Yeti Coolers Tundra 65

A much larger size which means you get all the standard features but with more room to hold a lot more stuff. This item weighs 27 lbs and is well insulated to maintain maximum retention so ice and food can last longer than a standard cooler.

YETI Cooler

This one a bit on the larger side but if you have the contents to fill the 57.2 quarts or 14.2 gallons space that you will get. Just make sure you select the correct size on checkout which is the 65 quarts.

3. Yeti Coolers Tundra 160 quart Cooler

YETI Cooler

Things don’t really get much bigger than they do here and the question you should be asking yourself is what can’t you fit in this 160 quart mammoth of a cooler. The cooler weighs 54 pounds and is 45 inches in length.

How are these coolers made?

All these YETI Coolers are One-piece roto-molded construction and is extremely durable as you have seen above from the video with the bear. They are just like a whitewater kayak in their construction which means they can take a real beating.  Its designed to keep your food cold for longer and will not break even under very extreme conditions which makes them very sought after.

Is a yeti cooler worth it?

Weather it be a whole 7 days or more out in the wild or surviving next to impossible conditions after being pounded or thrown around the Yeti coolers tend to rise to the challenge .

They are a bit pricey but I dare you to find a more durable product as you have seen above, it simply is so tough that it will outlast you, heck this is the stuff you pass on to the kids and grand kids.

So the price tag is more than worth it for the build quality and performance you will get, I would not put my trust in another cooler and that’s why I say that the Yeti cooler is more than worth it.

Get a yeti that’s top of the line and worth the price right now.

Why you should buy a Yeti Cooler?

1. Can keep your Food up to a week or 7 days.

2. Super durable can withstand a Bear or 500 pound man.

3. Well insulated for keeping things cool.

4. Works with Ice or dry ice.

5. Very secure and will keep contents safe.


I created this website to help shoppers find great and reliable products at very low prices that would be suitable for their own use or as a gift. Running a small home business affords me the luxury of purchasing great items online which I get to review and then pass on to my clients. I am always receiving new products so its a joy to review and recommend great items.

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