Withings Smart Body Analyzer Review

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings has done it again with another great product to track your health and fitness in the form of the Withings Smart Body Analyzer.This great product does so much more than a traditional scale as it track your weight,body fat, BMI and believe it or not your Heart rate.This is an all in one body monitoring sale that offers so much more than the traditional Wi-Fi Scale on the market.

By also leaving it in your room it can track the quality of your Air in the room by monitoring CO2 levels. This can help in analyzing air quality in your House so you can better optimize things to get the best sleep possible as this is a critical part of your health as well.You have two (2) color options of white and Black to choose from.The device has a LCD screen you can get instant readouts from and have the units displayed in pounds, kilograms or so on for your convenience.

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Features of this Product:

1.Heart rate measurement by stepping on the scale.

2.Continuous indoor air quality mongering.
3.Automatic Syncing of your measurements and data by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
4.The Health mate app can be used to visualize trends and improvements as well as calorie intake.
5.The scale interface is designed to help users center on the product and to obtain accurate readings.

The Scale

The scale surface on which you stand is made from Tempered Glass and the top section has a very large surface area which can fit even persons with larger feet. It can measure between 9-396 Pounds. You can measure weights in Pounds, Kilograms or Stones. The switch for moving between each unit is on the bottom of the device along with the Bluetooth button. You can also switch between Foreign height and Celsius with ease.The feet at the base are not rubber and more of a hard plastic so be sure to place on a good surface or it will slip as I have observed.

The scale has a very beautiful display which is nice to look at. Once you step on it reads your weight, Body Fat percentage, heartbeat,CO2 readings,temperatures and identities you as well as upload your data.The background of the LCD is contrasted which makes the numbers and readout much easier to see.The scale can even sense your positioning such as you are leaning too much to once side so you can center properly.You will need to be centered for the reading to be taken properly, but once you get the hang of it things are quite easy.

Phone Application

This great product connects to your phone by WiFi or Bluetooth and you can analyze all the health related data collected by the Smart body analyzer. It can also keep track of weight lost and you can set targets. Level of exercise or activity, sleep duration , quality of your air and so much more. This product picks up where so many other health and fitness trackers fall down and does so with style.

The data also integrates and plays well with other health Apps including the native ones on Android and Apple devices to track your health. You can even monitor your stats online using your computer and a web browser. By default the Scale can also share its health data with a variety of other Apps which is great in case you have an App that you love using to track data that you want to merge your data with.

It works for Multiple Users?

All the features of this scale can be setup to track the health of various people in the House. Simply invest into this health and fitness smart device and unlike others on the market this one product can be used with multiple users and the scale will be able to tell the difference between each user based on their unique weight. This feature was one of the most impressive aspects of the Withings Smart Body Analyzer that won me over other than the main features.You can track the health of up to eight (8) different people using this one device.

This is one great product and you will find no other product better than this Smart body Analyzer scale.

Measurements and Accuracy

Measurements this scale gives is pretty accurate for the most part and this is a really dependable product that well-built. The only measurement that’s not super accurate is the Body Fat percentage. The way the scale measures Body fat percentage is by sending a small electrical shock through your feet and measures the resistance through your feet and uses that to measure the body fat percentage. This is not super accurate but it does give a really good idea as to your Body fat percentage. Anything more accurate and you will need equipment used by professionals.

Battery and Performance

You will need four (4) triple AAA batteries to power the scale, Battery life is very good as those batteries should easily last to about 8 months.

Where to buy this product?

You can purchase this product below

Why Should I buy this Product?

1.Well made with great LCD display.

2.Has innovative features other products on the market do not have such as Air analyzer and heart rate tracking.

3. Can be used with multiple users.

4.Eliminates the need to manually track your weight over weeks and months which can be annoying and tedious.

5.Setup is very easy.

Why you may skip this product?

although this is not really a deal breaker the feet are not rubberized which may be prone to slipping on some surfaces. This can however be easily fixed.




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