The Best karaoke Machine

best karaoke machine

Portable and versatile Karaoke Machine

Every one loves to sing along to their favorite song that’s universally true, as to whether or not they can sing that a whole other ballgame. But with Karaoke it really does not matter at all as the fun part is singing along with your favorite artist and your hit song of choice. So when it comes to Karaoke nothing but the best karaoke machine will do for the most devote hard-core fan.No other device on the market fits that description than the Karaoke USA Karaoke System which is an all in one system that’s no fuss unit you will love right out of the box.

Multifunctional Inputs

The Karaoke USA Karaoke system is an all in one versatile system that supports all forms of media and inputs which includes DVD’s,CD’s, USB drivers, SDCards and even MP3’s and more media formats. The system itself has all the classical Karaoke features needed for a Karaoke player. Its well designed from the ground up with a classic black look, and high input features  and to top things off its very easy to use if you have ever operated any modern household appliance due to the intuitive button placement and layout. What this means for you is a very fast turnaround time from getting it out of the box and having fun with it with little to no trouble.

Build in Display and Front Controls

best karaoke machine

The Karaoke USA GF829 is a stand alone machine that comes with its own dedicated 7 inch TFT screen with playback control on the front of the unit for easy access and audio adjustment knobs on the top for easy tuning. On the control panel you have repeat function button, next and previous song button, new audio output button and up and down navigation button. Along with play, pause and restart. There is also a plus and minus key controls and even a feature to record or  playback feature as well as mike one input jack. There is also source select, mike two jack enter and record stop button.

Audio control Panel

The top button includes your power switch, two mike controls that are independent of each other so that each party can make adjustments to their liking. You can also adjust tone and echo . ON the far right at the top there is a master volume knob and a CD/DVD eject button along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. There is even a USB hub for transferring songs from your USB flash drive and the SD card slot.Finally to top things off there is a cradle that will hold your phone as you connect it by the auxiliary jack and towards the back is a dual mike holder.

Extend Your Display to a Large TV set

Towards the back are composite inputs and outputs for connecting male to make y cables for hooking up portable devices. You can use this feature to extend the display capabilities of your player by extending the display to a large TV set.

The power cable is also detachable in case you need to move your Karaoke USA Karaoke System around and there is even a USB charger port that can be used to power your portable devices. Plus with features such as Bluetooth on the newer model you can wirelessly enjoy music from a mobile device. Plus with karaoke Apps you can extend the capabilities of your player even more and have greater fun by accessing thousands of Karaoke songs. There is even an easy access carrying handle for moving the unit around.

The recording feature

The recording capability is quite nice and is one of the more unique features of this unit that allows you to record your voice and you can playback the recording , you can then move your recording to your computer or wherever you like.

The Remote

The handy remove makes controlling the Karaoke USA GF829 very easy even at a distance.

There is no better system to handle your karaoke needs that has ever been so portable before and on top of that it very flexible allowing up to two users at a given time to enjoy the fun of karaoke on the worlds best karaoke machine.

Take things a step further with the Improved Karaoke USA GF830


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