Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway

Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway

This Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway comes in a very nice and deep Java color that’s very appealing to the eyes and looks very stylish and has a solid panel base with a latched lid to keep garbage in its place. It can hold the standard 30 to 33 gallon garbage bag that you already use with ease guaranteeing a high capacity unit.

Right out side the packaging it very easy for you to assemble this set and it should take only a few minutes to put it together and best of all its all toolless. This wicker trash can also goes quite nice with other Wicker styled house furniture you may have. Also you don’t have to worry about how long it will last for outdoor use as its constructed from a long-lasting resin.

Cool Features:

  1. Latching lid
  2. Has a stay dry design for patio use.
  3. Solid bottom
  4. Made to last
  5. Great Wicker design


Its plenty big with a height of 31.62 inches and a width of 15.75 inches offering plenty of room to hold ample amounts of garbage which means you can store more and empty this trash can less over longer periods of time. Now tell me who does not love that?

Where can I put this wicker trash can?

The choice is your as it looks so good that you could use it on the Patio to match your furniture as it will blend in nicely and add to the great look that you are aiming for. But you could also easily use it inside the house as well in the kitchen or other areas as its very stylish and would not look the least bit out-of-place due to its design.

The Latching Lid is your best friend

The latching lid is a God send and unlike a swinging one if your pets or a stray animal gets to the Wicker Trash Hideaway knocking over wont result in the mother of all messes like regular designed units which will make your feel more at ease knowing its there and worth the low-cost that you payed for it making it quite the deal.

It’s not all sunshine and roses!

I really don’t want to make this product seem 100% perfect but for what little flaws it has lies in the inner lining that can work against you when it comes to emptying. You know you wait until the trash can is filled to the max to remove the trash bag only to have the bag tear due to friction between the bag and the inner surface of the trash can thats not smooth. So either don’t wait until it filled to the max to empty or get a little creative if you are so inclined but otherwise this is a near perfect product.

Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway
List Price: $43.99
Price: $43.99
You Save: N/A

This is a great product that worth the money and the best advise that I can give is that other than getting one that you get at least two (2) as you will definitely be back for more very soon as it’s that good.

Why you should buy this right now?

The best features of the Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway is that:

1. It’s very durable and guaranteed to last long.

2. Reinforced based so the bottom will not give out on you.

3. Designed to stay dry by resisting water.

4. Holds a variety of trash bags for convenience.

5. A secure lid to prevent animals or accidents.

6. Works well indoor or outdoors.

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