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stud finder

The best way to find  Wall Studs is to use a trusted stud finder and no other does a better job in an easy and hassle free way than the Zircon MultiScanner i520 Center-Finding Stud Finder which really simplifies the process.Its beautifully designed and light weight and offers easy operation with a variety of cool functions.

The display

The the display is very bright and clear and can identify the direction, edges and center of wood and metal studs. It has two main scanning modes for regular thickness dry walls and for thicker walls that may have two layers.

There are even modes for dedicated AC and electrical scanning and includes a signal strength indicator which helps in finding shallow and deep targets and wire warning indication to warn of live AC wires behind the wall for ensuring your safety while you work.


It can be used to find stud center, find wood or metal studs, scan thick walls for studs, scan for metal, scan for  electrical, wire warning detection.

stud finder

How to use?

Switch the Stud finder to stud find mode and then place the device against the wall, push and hold the power, when ready stud will appear on-screen and then slide it along the surface of the wall . When you approach a stud or the tool is over it an edge icon will be shown and you will hear a loud beep and the tool will show the center of the stud along with edges and so on. You can make your marks as necessary on the wall in such cases.

Deep can can be used for thicker walls and the stud icon will flash on the stud finder and the center of a stud this time will be indicated by the four middle bars. For metal you can switch to metal finding mode, the bars on the device will come together to show the center of the stud on metal. You can also scan for electrical and follows a similar procedure as above and can be accessed by switching to AC scan mode which will help you in detecting live AC wires and is on by default in stud and metal scan modes.

This is a really handy device to have as part of your tools when finding studs and you will not find a better stud finder than the Zircon MultiScanner i520 which is easy to understand and manipulate in a every day work environment.

Why should you buy this Stud Finder:

  1. It’s highly rated.
  2. Full of useful functions.
  3. Easy one step operation.
  4. Clear display with visual feedback.


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