Spy Gear Ultra Range Walkie talkie

spy gear ultra range walkie talkie

The spy gear ultra range walkie talkie is created by spin master and is one of the best walkie talkies that money can buy right now. This is a great device for play as you can keep in constant communication with your team member as you enjoy your latest adventure weather make believe or for real.

The walkie talkie can keep you connected up to an impressive 2 miles but this is under favorable conditions with no obstacles in the way which will interfere with communication. But under real world conditions you can get a comfortable and impressive half a mile range which will improve as you move to more open areas which is more than enough. Small kids or adults will love it as the possibilities of things they can do at play with a set is endless.

Powering the Spy Gear Ultra Range Walkie talkie

The  walkie talkies use three (3) triple A (AAA) batteries to power each unit and right out of the box you do get a starting set of batteries which is very cool.

Channels of operation

A cool feature of the Spy Gear Ultra range walkie talkie is that it can operate on three (3) different channels of A,B and C which is very flexible and means you can switch to the best channel with the best reception the only catch is that your other party must be on the same channel as well for this to work. It also allows for multiple device to work in range of each other without interference.

How does it work?

When you want to talk to your partner with the spy gear walkie talkie first make sure you are on the same channel for example A and then hold down the red button at the side to talk and then release said button to hear what they are saying in return. The button on the front will also light up when you are talking which is nice.

Sound Quality

These walkies are quite impressive and the call quantity is very good as you will have no problem hearing the other party and range and quality will only improve as there are fewer obstacles around to block the signal from this device.

spy gear ultra range walkie talkie

Who is this for?

This is a great toy for Ages six (6) years and upwards especially for boys  and makes for some cool kids spy gear for children to have fun playing as there are endless possibilities and scenarios that they can create using this one device which makes it highly flexible.

This is a great set of spy gear Walkie talkies that you should not hesitate to purchase especially considering the great price right now and with the right companion toys kids or adults can have some real fun with these highly functional Walkie talkies weather as make-believe or a real world spy missions.

Why should you buy this?

1. Great range of up to a max of 2 miles.

2. Great call or Audio Quality.

3. A great and flexible product for kids to have fun with.


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