Top Spy Gear for Kids

Every little kid wishes he or she was a spy or secret agent. It’s every kids dream to get the perfect set of spy gear for kids so that they can have fun with friends pretending they are secret agents, you know just like we did when we were kids and that we found very fun to do.

With all that in mind getting kids toys or gifts along this line is never far off as to what kids want as best of all it works for almost any situation. This especially works well if the kids are playing make-believe long before they get this gear then it will simply be icing on the proverbial cake for them. Much like how my little brother would spend hours creating various adventure stories with is toys as is imagination run wild.

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Spy Gear for kids

I have searched and come up with a list of the best spy gear for kids that can be found anywhere and I have listed them all below for you to check out:

1. Video WalkieTalkies

Top spy gear for kids

The set of Video WalkieTalkies allows for your little spy to communicate with their partner both ways and supports audio and video and will allow you to be as far as 160 feet from the other receiver allowing for some deep field reconisense missions for you and the team.  You can coordinate your efforts with the your other team members and talk to them in real-time with audio and video which is really cool for a WalkieTalkie.

2. Rearview Spy Glasses Mirror Vision

Top spy gear for kids

These are the coolest pair of glasses in the world they allow you to see behind you and can make it seem as if you have eyes in the back of your head. No one will dear sneak up on you now and to top things off they will make you look even cooler than ever before as a super secret spy.

3. Field Agent Spy Watch

Top spy gear for kids

If you did not know better you may think this was a normal Watch but it’s so much more, its virtually your secret weapon that allows you to create, decode and deliver secret spy messages, detect movement and I almost forgot it also tells time like a normal watch and come with a number of watch functions that allows it to blend in a look normal.

Not finding the perfect Spy gear?There is even More Spy Gear for you to Check Out for kids.

4.Spy Gear Voice Changer

Top spy gear for kids

No one will ever suspect its you as you can amplify and change your voice at will with the Spy Gear Voice Changer you see here. You will have 8 voice choices to choose from which is plenty for the skilled spy. Furthermore you could not ask for a better piece of spy gear for kids than this piece here.

5. Micro Gear Set

Top spy gear for kids

This is a special Micro Gear Set that has in everything he could ever want such as a utility belt, micro ear light,Listner, motion alarm and invisible ink pen for super secret messages.

To finish things off I suggest you check out the perfect Weapon that every spy should have by their side as they go on a mission that you can find here.


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