Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition

Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition

Skylands is in trouble and it up to you to save it, check out the newest Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition to hit the shelves. Chaos has unleashed his most evil weapon the ultimate doom structure of destruction and with the world being thrown into chaos and on the verge of annihilation its going to take a special team to stop him. That’s where the superchargers come into play to save the day.

The Superchargers

It is up to the super chargers with their individualized vehicles to stop Chaos and save the city of skylands before total and utter destruction. You will need to take charge of the superchargers and take up the mantle of saving skylands if you are up to the task, you will be traveling through various environments through land, water and sky all while battling your enemies on every front.

Whats included in this Pack?

Inside this Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition pack you will find:

  • Video Game for your console of choice-Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo
  • Portal of Power
  • 2 Skylanders SuperChargers Characters
  • 2 Skylanders Vehicles
  • 1 Kaos Trophy
  • and a 2-Sided Dark Edition Collection Poster.

This pack is very cool especially the extras including the poster and trophy which makes this pack even worth it more.

The Portal Of Power

The portal of power is whats needed to bring your characters to life and is included in this Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Pack and is available for all major consoles.Simply place your characters and vehicles on it and unlock and see them come alive in game.

What special extras do you get with the Dark edition?

You could go with the regular edition seen here which would be fine but the Dark edition seen above comes with exclusive characters that cannot be found any other way than to get this pack and would be best as your starter pack over the regular edition.

Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition

Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition

In Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition and the regular edition You can battle things out on land as you fight waves of enemies and explore beautiful environments, you can then at other times switch things up and do things using a vehicle which can fly dive or take it old school and drive your way across the world.

The fun thing about superchargers is that the new characters can use SuperChargers to Modify Vehicle Parts to Boost Powers and Performance of the vehicles that set them apart from the old edition. When superchargers are matched with their correct vehicles it unlocks super charged combos for added power and destruction which is really exciting and a fun incentive for matching them with the correct vehicle.

Racing Action Packs

Expand your Game play with Racing Action Packs, as with these packs you can open or unlock new racing adventures where you can race and if you defeat super boss villains you can unlock them and there vehicles, action packs cover land, sea and air and adds lots of variety to the Game.

You can play with friends in online and in co-op modes for even more fun and adventures.

Plus the fun does not stop here as you can collect additional skylanders and vehicles up to a total of 40 different unique characters. This is a fun and interactive game with lots to see do and collect as you sharpen your skills and save the world on a grand adventure.This pack is ideal for a gift for a child’s birthday or holiday gift and also ca work as a regular gift at any time of the year.

Why should you get this?

  1. The Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition contains exclusive characters that cannot be found any other place and is the perfect starter pack.
  2. Lots of fun and adventure which kids will enjoy.
  3. Cool characters to collect along with vehicles.
  4. Unique Game play across sky, land and sea.

Get Additional Characters and Vehicles to expand your collection:

1. Drivers Super Shot Stealth Elf Individual Character

Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition

2.Drivers Stormblade Character Pack

Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition

3. Vehicle Jet Stream Character Pack

Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition


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