Samsung slide in Gas range NX58H9500W Review


samsung slide in gas range

Samsung NX58H9500W slide in gas range

There is nothing like a nice stainless steel appliance in a kitchen to set off the decor of the entire kitchen and very few Gas Ranges can do that like the Samsung slide in gas range NX58H9500W.

Features at a Glance

  • This 30 inch slide in Gas range has an impressive oven space of 5.8 cubic feet.
  • Features a stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and that nice look and feel.
  • It has 3 Heavy duty Cast iron long-lasting grills on top with five (5) burners with removable caps.
  • The burners output range between 5,000 and 18,000 BTU and has 6 metal control knobs with easy to read markings.
  • At the front of the unit is an angled control panel with LED display and touch screen. From here you can control and refine your baking options.
  • The oven interior is a nice porcelain finish with a three (3) tier metal rack one of which is a split or adjustable rack  with adjustable mounting positions for whatever you may place in the oven.
  • There is one main oven light and a convection fan for even heat distribution and a temperature probe .
  • The drawer at the lower end is for warming or you may use it for storage when the oven is not in use.
  • Included is also a temperature probe and a Grill pan.



See this Samsung slide in gas range for yourself in this Video:

Without a doubt the Samsung NX58H9500W is a premium slide in gas range that is worth considering as a best seller that’s worth your hard-earned dollar. This kitchen appliance is packed full of features and gears toward those who not only like their kitchen looking good but also to those who want to be able to roll like a professional chef and produce top of the line meals in the kitchen. The surface area at the top of this slide in gas range is also very wide with plenty of room for cooking, in fact there are a total of five (5) burners with the main burner being able to output an impressive 18,000 BTU of heat at max, this translates into very fast turn around time in the kitchen as you will spend less time over the stove due to how fast food will be cooked on such a high-end stove.

Running across the top of the gas range mid section is a grill pan that is placed right in the middle of the Range between the four main burners and its removable and reversible so the inner folds can be used as a nice grill for preparing stuff like bacon and sausages, on the other side you can prepare lighter stuff such as pancakes and the works.

The LED Display

samsung slide in gas range

The Samsung slide in gas range has a very nice and creatively designed LED display and the first thing you will notice is that its angled to insure maximum visibility and as you can see Samsung is taking their love of high-end tech devices that they are known for and placing this into their gas range. The LCD itself allows for direct controlling of the oven with a touch of the screen.

Control Knobs

samsung slide in gas range

All stoves comes with them but Samsung has opted for a steel design to its knobs which adds to the premium appeal of this Gas Range and the overall durability which is a very nice touch with its brushed stainless steel finish.

The Oven

samsung slide in gas range

The Oven itself has a very large glass see through windows that allows you to see right into the oven which is a convection oven. There is more than enough room for all the baking that you could possibly do, there is no way you would run out of space even with multiple projects that you may be carrying out simultaneously.

So there you have it the Samsung NX58H9500W slide in Gas range is  a high-end premium gas range that’s well build from the ground up by the legendary company Samsung,you could not ask for a better slide in gas range at a more affordable price considering the quality that’s package in this appliance.


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2 Responses

  1. Eugene Cartwright says:

    I have just installed and convert to LP gas my Samsung NX58H9500W range, however the flame is much, much too high. I was told by the Samsung people that once converted the flame cannot be adjusted. Is this true?

    • rickytlc says:

      During the conversion did you change the pressure of the regulator valve, install burners with smaller openings in each of the burners and adjusting the air flow for proper combustion while cooking?
      There is also a very strong possibility that your simmer settings may be too high due to the conversion which is my best bet where your problem lies, some stoves and I think it applies to this one has a simmer adjustment valve beneath the knobs that regulate high and low setting on the flame, you will need to remove the adjustment knob and adjust with a very flat headed screwdriver and monitor the flame until you get it as low as you want, don’t turn it down too much or the flame will be too weak.
      As I said I am not sure if this applies to the Samsung but for most other stoves this will work when you Convert a Gas Range from Natural Gas (NG) to Propane (LP).

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