Rick & Morty Season 1

Rick & Morty Season 1

Every now and again a truly original show comes along and turns the industry on its head and leaving audiences in awe. That’s what Rick and Morty has done as an Animated series. It has turned story telling and humor into something audiences can really be excited about. It’s a mash-up of Science fiction and adventure with lots of comedy. You have to enter this series with an open mind and never take things too seriously as this series rarely takes anything too serious including itself.


Parody of Parodies

One thing that makes Rick and Morty fun especially as you enter the first season is that you will feel right at home as the series every now and again will Parody classic and popular cult classics and draw on elements we are familiar with from them. This will seem familiar while adding the Rick and Morty kind of humor to the Mix.

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The Series Follows both Rick a super Genius grand father and his Grand son Morty who he takes along on is many adventures across the universe and occasionally dimensions. The fun part of the journey is seeing what situations they will get into and how they could possibly get out in one piece and trust me they get into lots of funny and awkward situations you wont believe.

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So many Unique and Funny Characters

This series is filled with Unique and funny characters that you will simply Fall in love with the moment they are introduced. From immediate Family such as Beth and Summer to one-off characters and reoccurring ones this series rarely has a dull moment to speak of. You will even find your self watch several episodes especially in the first season over and over.

I really love this series and the Rick & Morty Season 1 DVD is perfect if you are new to the series or simply want to get into Rick and Morty. It’s the season that started it all and created Millions of fans the world over that can’t wait until the next episode or season drops. Very few TV series have come along like this and very few will ever reach the level that Rick and Morty has. Who knows this may be one of those long running seasons that spans generations.  I suggest that you go right now and get your copy of the season Rick and Morty DVD and start watching.

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