Pink Princess castle tent

princess castle tent

Let your kids imagination run wild during play.


Little Kids love playing make-believe and every little girl dreams of being a princess and owning her own castle, I am sure you as a parent know the feeling when you were growing up and the Princess castle tent will bring that dream to life for your little one. I really like this tent for two (2) main reasons the first of which is the light weight construction that makes it great for moving around and the convenience of packing it up once more into its carrying case after play that qualifies this as a winner for me.

The Play Tent may seem flimsy at first glance but don’t underestimate the construction it’s actually quite sturdy and safe, the fabric that you are seeing is polyester and the frame that holds the structure up is steel. I like the way it dances with the wind as a breeze  hits the structure or a playing kid touches against it that adds a fun effect that seems to be intentional in its design, kids and pets love it and play along to its rhythm.

For extra windy play days in the yard there are grounding pegs that you can use to affix the Girl’s Pink Princess Castle Play Tent firmly to the ground so that it will not be blown away. This is a great play gift for kids ages 3 and up that likes to play with their favorite doll and has a great imagination.

Keep the Kids Busy while you relax

This Princess castle tent is ideal for when Kids have a play date or a friend over, you can throw in a few of your daughters favorite teddy bears and dolls and she will make this castle her own on those special occasions.

How big is this thing?

Well if you are thinking this thing is the size of a real castle it’s not but its large enough to comfortably hold two or more kids easily. To put that into perspective the castle is 4.5 feet high by 3.5 feet wide which is more than enough space to hold in a kids room or outside in the back yard, even a full size parent could fit with a little bending :).

His this Play Tent Difficult to assemble?

The play tent comes with easy to follow instructions and assembly is not rocket science and is quite easy.

How safe is this thing?

Its well made and relatively sturdy and child safe as nothing is out-of-place or could cause serious injury so you can be at ease.

Why would you want to get this?

1. It’s light weight and portable with its own carrying case.

2. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

3. Affordable price.

4. Very Roomy for kids to play.

5.Very cute, little girls and pets will love it.

Why you may skip this one?

1. The structure is quite safe but the polyester material is not the strongest in the world but its better than some flimsy materials on other similar products.

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