Outlander Season 1

outlander season 1

Outlander is a great Romance series that captures the imagination much like a great romance novel that you just cant put down except with one element that you would not guess in a million years and that’s an aspect that deals with time travel. The Outlander Season 1 is the first step on the epic journey that you just cannot miss out on if you are looking for a great series to watch.

The series follows Claire a nurse by profession in the year 1945 and her husband who are enjoying their honey moon after the events of a recent World War in which they were both drafted in different capacities. While on honey moon in the British Isles she encounters a set of stone monuments that are reminiscent of Stonehenge that she walks through and is transported back into the past to Scotland in the seventeen hundreds that is a totally different time and situation than she is used to.

She must acclimatize herself to the new surroundings and avoid her big secret being exposed. The story is filled with nail-biting moments, danger, romance and mysteries that will keep you clueless for the entire season. You will definitely like this  series I give it a full five stars for being a truly original story that I admit that I have never even seen anything remotely close to. There is literally something for everyone such as the hopeless romantic or Science fiction lovers who will enjoy this great timeless tale.

Outlander: Season One - Volume One
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