New Laser Tag Guns

So a bunch of new Laser tags Guns just hit the market and I thought I would look at them. If you missed our last Laser Tag article then you should definitely check it out. So these laser Tags are either entirely new or adds an extension on existing models. at the end of the day this simply means more options for Laser Tag lovers and even more fun to an already really addictive and fun Game that works for Kids, teens and even adults.

New Laser Tag Guns:

So here are the new laser Tag guns so be sure to check them out and tell me what you think of each.

1.Liberty Imports Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Game Set

New Laser Tag Guns

This is a brand new Laser Tag set to hit the market and it brings to the table a nice classic Laser tag design along with a great price for a set of four (4) which makes the cost to entry into the world of Laser Tag even more affordable. It’s yet to be seen where things will go with this set but it does seem very promising with several firing modes, audible sounds and the ability to play great team matches which is the hallmark of laser tag.

2.Dynasty Toys Capture The Flag Glow in the Dark Laser Tag Game

This Laser tag blaster is not new but it does add some new elements to the classic Game which makes things a whole lot more fun. Its Capture the Flag meets Laser tag and its awesome. You know both Games now bring both together with this set.

3.ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests

Another Brand new Laser Tag set from ArmoGear which has a very retro look to it. The designers of this Laser Tag set went all out as this thing has everything you could Wish for in a Laser tag set which includes the Classic Vests, yep you heard right these sets have the vests that house the sensors like classic sets. It also has: Invisible Mode,Night Vision, Flashlight,Voice guided directions and an impressive range of 150 feet,WOW.

4.GoBroBrand Laser Tag Gun Toy Blast Set

Things just keep getting better with these new Laser Tag sets meet GoBroBrand Laser Tag Gun Toy Blast Set. This package contains 2 guns 2 Badges, 2 Belts, 10 Cards. These blasters produce interactive sounds. The best part here is that you can switch your blaster between modes with a simple switch and you have cool light up effects and vibrations. Kids can make up their own Games and have fun with the set.

5.Matty’s Toy Stop “Call of Life” Infrared (IR) Laser Tag Blasters

The blaster in this set is not new but you do get this set with cool color coded vests that are just simple vest and nothing more but they are functional in distinguishing teams so let me finish this list of with this one.


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