Nerf Lazer tag Phoenix LTX tagger 2-pack

Nerf Lazer tag Phoenix LTX tagger 2-pack

When it comes to Laser tags Nerf Lazer tag are some of the best that you can find in the business especially the Nerf lazer tag phoenix ltx tagger 2-pack which is one of the best units on the market that comes in a set of two (2). One you get a hold of these things you will not be able to put them down as they are ideal for taking the fun of Laser tag home for the entire family to enjoy from kids to adults weather indoor or outdoors.

Features of the Nerf Lazer tag

The Nerf Lazer tag Phoenix LTX tagger 2-pack comes with:

1. Rumble feedback which you feel each time you are hit by a opponent.

2. Reload with manual Ammo core that ejects and has to be placed back in that gives the sensation of reloading.

3. Recoil feedback that makes it feel as if you are actually shooting.

4. Sound feedback and lights.

5. 350 -400 feet Range depending on your environment.

Batteries not Included

This unit does not come with batteries sadly so you will need to pick up a pack of AA batteries and that’s it, it uses a total of 6 AA batteries and they are stored in the section of the Lazer tag that looks like a Ammo clip which is cool, both Guns use a total of 12 batteries. I suggest you get a value pack of batteries and they tend to last very long as the Laser tag is efficient with batteries which should give you great value for your money.

The Laser Tag Gun

Nerf Lazer tag Phoenix LTX tagger 2-pack

The Nerf Lazer tag Phoenix LTX tagger 2-pack has 5 led lights on the side that depletes when you get hit and when they all go out after being shot by another Laser tag of an opposing team you are out. It also takes a total of two hits to deplete 1 of the lights for your life and a total of 10 hits before you die and keeping track of a game is made easy by this, the gun even gives audio feedback to warn you your health is low which is cool and finally when a player dies or is out the gun shuts down. You can play indoor or outdoor, heck they even work in the dark the choice is yours.

When you are being fired at and get hit you will know due to the cool vibration feedback which gives a nice sensation. Also these Laser tags are great for kids as they are very durable and will last very long which means it’s a great investment. It’s also great for teens or even adults who are into this type of thing and makes for a nice gift. When firing you get great recoil which makes things realistic and the kids will love the manual reload. You can also hit your target at a good distance of about 350 feet or so which is great range, you can take this to the back yard with the kids and have a great time, plus you can get another pack and chain these units together to have a larger team match.


I highly recommend that you get the Nerf Lazer tag Phoenix LTX tagger 2-pack its one of the best if not the best Laser tag that I have ever seen and it will take your Laser tag game to the next level, they are well designed and best of all they will give you great bang for your buck in comparison to other set that are out there so go ahead and pick up a set.

Why you should buy this set?

  1. Very durable.
  2. Value pack of two.
  3. Cool features such as recoil,audio feedback and more.
  4. Great price that cannot be beat.

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