Minion Bob with Teddy bear

I have only one word to describe the Minion Bob with Teddy bear and that’s cuteness overload,well thats two words but have you ever seen such an adorable toy in your life? I grantee you the answer will be a no. This Minion toy actually talks and is very funny as you might expect, with glowing cheeks,he also sings and lights up. And also don’t forget that he also has a cute little teddy that he carries along with him as well.

When you receive this toy you don’t have to worry about batteries as he comes with all you need right out of the package, and when you squeeze is tummy he lights up with a very cute glowing cheeks which is my favorite of the features that he has. Another thing that I noticed is that is eyes do not move as with other toys in this line that we have reviewed, but that’s hardly a big issue, you will notice though that they accurately made is eyes two different colors as the actual Bob in the Minions Movie.Another way that you can make him speak is to actually squeeze is hands or simply shake him about.

Minion Bob with Teddy bear

BoBs Teddy

Along with Bob if you squeeze is teddy bear is cheeks will also light up which is a cool additional feature. This in turn make Bob break out in laughter which will not fails to make you laugh as well, I know it does as it makes me laugh every time without fail.

What is he made of?

This is a soft pushy that’s made out a soft material that make him snuggable and soft to the touch. His goggles are also made from a soft plastic to make this as comfortable to hold or hug as possible. The kids can even snuggle up beside him as they sleep which is not uncommon for such an adorable toy like this.

Power and Batteries

In the back of Minion Bob you can find a white control box or power pack for this toy that controls the sound and light up effects.


Seeing the electrical components that make up Bob its never advisable to machine wash, so the only thing you can do is to dry clean with a wet towel and some febreze or something similar to get this toy clean, you should never submerge in water.

Who is this toy for?

The Minion Bob with Teddy bear toy will work well for either a Male or female child that loves the Minions, the figure itself is about 10 inches and makes for a perfect gift for a child, Grandchild or anyone who is a fan of the minions and looking for adorable collectibles. This is also going to be one of he must have gifts for kids for this holiday season that they would want to receive under the Christmas tree.

Minions Bob with Teddy Bear
List Price: $48.99
Price: $53.90
You Save: N/A

Why should I get this:

  1. Cute and funny.
  2. Lights up and glows in the cheeks.
  3. Talks in Bobs voice.
  4. Very accurate to the Movie.


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