The Medi-rub Massager

Medi-rub Massager

If you constantly have aching and sore muscles all over your body its time to get some help in treating them. Meet the Medi-rub Massager, this specific model is the Medi-rub Massagers Body Massager 2000 Plus. This device can deliver hours of soothing and invigorating massages to you right in the comfort of your own home. Stressed out from work, long day on your feet then melt the stress away with your very own personal masseuse.

Features of the Medi-rub Massagers

This massager does all the following and more:

  1. Soothes Aching Muscles
  2. Relieves tension and stress
  3. Has a quite and powerful 3 speed Motor
  4. Designed to be very versatile and flexible.
  5. Very lightweight.
  6. Thick padding for comfort on the base.

Also its a product that’s made in the good old USA so you know you are supporting a local brand that provides employment for locals.In buying this product you are directly supporting the economy and the promotion of local jobs.

The Design

The first thing you will love and notice is how lightweight it is, beside this the lightness is more than compensated for with a very durable design. The grip handle system of the Medi-rub Massager works well and you can have a firm grip while your use this device. It’s great for operating by yourself or with the assistance of another person, both ways work.

Benefits of this Massager.

Being stressed and having tension in your muscles can really be bad for you. With regular messages you can relax more and have a healthier life. Having regular massages can also improve circulation. Regular massages also:

  • Helping with headaches.
  • Reducing Anxiety.
  • Helps with digestive disorders.
  • Recovery from injury.
  • Relive and healing of strains.
  • Helps with sleep disorder related to stress and so much more.

How long can I run it for?

Sometimes your muscles are really tired. Not to worry you can run this for hours without worrying about it over heating and causing issues. You can go for 1 hour massage sessions which should be more than enough. Plus with the variable speed you can adjust the intensity of the massage.

How much Noise does this thing make?

The noise levels are low and not overly loud. It was designed to be as quite as possible. Other units on the market are very loud and can distract from the soothing massage.

Having Problems going to Sleep after a hard day?

If you are having problems going to sleep after a hard day because of muscle pain and strain no issue. This product can work wonders on your body and sooth away your aches. Leaving you relaxed and ready for bed.Headaches are also not a problem as it has been known to help with those as well.


This thing is a near perfect product. It will last very long as it built to industrial level standards and can add so much value to your life,you will wonder how you survived without it for so long.If you have some form of physical injury, stress, muscle strain this can sooth it away from legs,back,lower feet you name it. I can’t sing the praises of this product any more you simply have to check it out your self and take the plunge.

Why you should buy this?

  1. Very reliable and will last for years.
  2. Great for reliving stress, muscle aches, pains and much more.
  3. Well designed and can be operated by a single individual.
  4. Very highly rated and proven product you can purchase with confidence.

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