Laser Tag Guns for kids

Laser Tag Guns for kids

There is one thing that we can say with absolute certainty is that Kids love Laser tag and if they don’t it obvious they have not been introduced to it as of yet. In this article we would like to look at some Laser tag guns for kids which are the latest and the best on the market. These Laser Tags are ideal as gifts for just about any reason. Kids can play with themselves in some cases with the options shown but what fun would that be as Laser Tag is more fun with friends as with most sets.

Kids become active and they tend to play more outside when they get involved in laser tag, although indoor is possible as well. Best of all they tend to come back time and time again to play. It’s just like Video Games but way more fun and with the added benefit that they get exercise and get off the couch for once. Below I have list all the best Laser tag Guns for Kids. You can choose from the one you see and you can’t go wrong as they are all wonderful products.

Laser Tag Guns for kids

So here are my Kids choices of the best Laser Tags they can possibly think of owning. This list is up to date too so don’t worry as these are all devices that are in stock.

1.Laser Tag Spaceship Game

Laser Tag Guns for kids

Ideal for smaller kids in the Family the Laser Tag Spaceship Game is built with kids in mind all the way ages 10 and younger. These are functional and just like any other laser tag you can aim and shoot at your target which is the other blaster. These have very cool sound effects and light which adds to the fun and excitement and they are very safe. Kids only need add their imagination to play. When a blaster gets a direct hit it also lights up so kids know they have been hit remember to pick up batteries too.

2.Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Blaster and Robot Nano Bug Striker

Laser Tag Guns for kids

This Laser Tag Blaster and Robot Nano Bug Striker is really unique as it promotes single player and kids can practice their skills on the included Bug which reacts to the Laser Tag gun and moves around. See it flip over when hit and back over and scurry across the floor. The Nano Bug as its often called is a great addition to the Game as it adds hand eye coordination practice for kids as they work on their aim and they can play by themselves when friends are not around which is a unique feature of this set.

3.LaserPro TagTag Laser Tag Blaster Gun

Laser Tag Guns for kids

The LaserPro TagTag Laser Tag Blaster Gun is one of the newer laser Tags on the market. It has a simplistic design but its a laser tag blaster through and through. Featuring great battery life and a tough design that can survive kids. It also has a very good range and has lots of sensors for maximum accuracy when kids play with them.

Money Saving Tip: These sets will need batteries so remember to pick up a set with any Laser Tag shown here. But to save a fortune get a set of Rechargeable batteriesas this will work out way more economical for you in the long run.

4.Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

Laser Tag Guns for kids

The Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack is the set your child needs for playing with his or her friends. These Laser tags work well with each other and has a variety of modes to ensure the fun will end no time soon. They make sound and light up and are very interactive. Don’t forget batteries with this and any other set here, I recommend rechargeable ones, you can thank me later.

5.Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger

Laser Tag Guns for kids

A true classic will never go out of style and so will the Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger which is one of the most reliable laser tag sets you can get. If you are in doubt then try this one. I have recommended this one more times than I can count. I am sure you will come to love it and its features as I have.These do it all from sounds feedback to vibrations and lights with a great design that catches the eye.

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