Kidizoom Smartwatch

kidizoom smartwatch

The Kidizoom Smartwatch is a smartwatch thats designed with kids in mind and can work for both boys and girls as it comes in two classic colors of blue and violet , they also make for great gifts and should not be ignored as part of things kids would want to receive as a birthday or holiday gifts. The watch itself is designed by VTech and is their second generation model dubbed the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX and is one of the best Kids smartwatch that’s available on the market.


The display is a 1.44 inch sensitive color touch screen that takes pictures at a nice 640 x 480 and video at 320 x 240 pixels for sixty seconds,  it has a internal memory of 256 MB built-in memory and is an upgrade over the specs that was featured in the first version of this device.The only thing that missing though is the ability to pair or connect the watch to a smartphone and the kidizoom smartwatch itself has to be customized from the PC or computer when new applications needs to be installed.


The touch screen is very responsive , with a voice recorder with compatible apps , rechargeable battery that’s built-in that lasts about 3 days on average, its splash proof in case kids get it wet it will not break easily although you should not intentionally submerge it in water. It’s also well constructed and looks great when been worn.


There is a loud-speaker at its base, with a dedicated camera button and USB charging port on the side and you do get the cable out of the box, towards the top is a very nice and large camera that’s perfectly positioned as not to be intrusive or get in the way of the functionality of the watch. To finish things off there is a microphone and home button on the other side of the watch.

The kidizoom smartwatch Itself

Using the smartwatch itself is great the display looks vibrant and colorful and is designed in a way kids will all like with clear fonts and plenty of eye-catching colors. Kids are also able to customize the vtech kidizoom however they see fit with various watch faces to keep the look fresh and appealing or to match their personality. In the choices there are plenty of digital and analogue based watch faces and there are a tone of watch faces that can fit almost any event such as a birthday, holiday and more .

kidizoom smartwatch


The main screen has the apps that includes many types of apps including activity based applications which keeps kids active and the smartwatch does this by using the accelerometer , kids can dance, skip and race, this promotes an active and healthy life style which is good for kids. As a incentive it also provides rewards after each goal is achieved.

It can also count the amount of steps kids have taken and measure how much they have moved and this can run in the background while other Apps work and will not get in the way of their activities.

Video and Pictures

The built-in camera that we mentioned above does both video and picture and based on the resolution of the pictures they are not super sharp and detailed but do an OK job and should be more than of for kids needs. The apps too that’s included on the phone also make use of the camera as some can use the cameras pictures for coloring so kids can edit their pictures by drawing on them to enhance the look.

There is also a built in Timer and Alarm clock for waking the kids up in the morning that they can set and learn better management of their time and how to get up early.


The Games that are included are simple and fun Games for kids such as snowboarding, Jumping eggs, tick tack toe, super border and more. The games while simple seem to appeal to kids allot a will work for kids who are 9 years or older.

kidizoom smartwatch

The kidizoom smartwatch also comes with a cool set of educational Games which is great for boosting kids learning such as a calculator app that makes learning math fun. Even the fitness apps have a fun aspect to them as it often test your speed and compare you to an Animal which is something kids should like and there is a reward system that gives medals or trophies which is a means of incentivizing kids efforts and will keep them interested  and motivated.

Why you should get this Kids Smartwatch?

1. Comes with fun Games.

2. Keeps kids active and incentivizes their efforts.

3. Includes educational and fun Games.

4. Has some very nice features and lots of customization for kids.


The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX has definitely improved on lasts generations device and is a winner in my book, I am a bit sad it did not have smartphone connectivity for conveniently adding apps from a smartphone but others wise it provide a fun experience for kids one in which they can stay active and learn while they play and bring their creativity to the surface which is great as at the end of the day they will be more active and healthier which is something we all want for our kids. This kids smartwatch is the perfect things to get a child for the holiday, birthday or simply as a cool gift especially if they like technology.


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