JNC660 Jump Starter


The JNC660 jump starter is the perfect carry along Jump starter or power source that’s perfect for starting cars, trucks and other devices and it cam also act as an Air compressor to top things off which can take power from a regular outlet and then can be used in emergency situations while on the go to jump-start your battery in your Car and much more which can save your life literally in a hairy situation.

This is especially useful for colder months of the year when those you know or your personal car will not start and you need a jump start. This is really nice as you don’t have to bother your busy neighbors for a jump start as you can do the job yourself. This can also be useful in an emergency situation where you happen to be on the road and there is no help around for miles as well.


Layout of the Jump-N-Carry JNC660C 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter

On the front of the JNC660 you have the prongs to attach your power cord to attach this device to a wall outlet for charging. There is a meter that shows your DC volts and next to the meter you have a red button if you push this it will tell your remaining charge. There are also two LEDs that indicate your charging status one of which indicates that the device is charging and the other that tells that the device has completed charging.

Another cool feature that’s built-in is overload protection. Next there is even a 12 volts socket connection for charging 12 volt devices that you may have. There are even built-in jump clips or hot jaws as they are sometimes called with a descent length of cable with a 5-6 foot reach

The Air Compressor


The Air compressor feature is used to inflate your tires and it has a hard body coiled cable that attaches it to the JNC660 Jump Starter and you can attach various attachment to inflate various things such as tires and the works. The Air compressor gets a bit loud when started but does provide decent air pressure that’s enough to get various jobs done properly especially related to car maintenance.


On the back of the unit you will find convenient instructions on jump starting your devices and handling and using the Air compressor. This is handy and super convenient in case your forget or someone who is using this for the first time can read and learn to use this device successfully.


I really love this thing as its very convenient to have and makes for a must have device for anyone who owns a car as its uses are invaluable. It’s also very durable and made to last, aside from the weight which is decently heavy  with good reason as you do get more than adequate amounts of power, this thing is an almost perfect device that you just got to love as it does all it claims and does so well.

Why you should buy this?

  1. Its very reliable and works well.
  2. Includes a Jump starter, Power Source and Air compressor.
  3. Great for emergency situations when your car needs a jump start or you have a flat.
  4. Has various uses and applications.


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