Jenx Robot Interactive Puppy

Jenx Robot Interactive Puppy

The Jenx Robot Interactive Puppy is a robotic dog that is currently one of the most advanced robotic pets that you can get on the market. It can follow you around. He can react to gestures similar to a real puppy which is always amassing to see. He even can recognize voice command. Its all the fun things about having a pet dog without the troubles and hassles. This thing makes for a great gift that smaller kids will love and cherish,

Whats in the Box?

Inside the box you will find the : The Puppy,User or instructions manual.The box is really nice and comes with details about the product along with easy to follow pictorial illustrations on easily using the product.

How is this Toy Powered?

You will need Four (4) AA batteries in order to power this toy so you should pick up a set.The battery compartment is beneath the puppies tail and you will need a screwdriver in order to open the compartment. Always remember to make sure the toy is off before changing or replacing the batteries.

Very Interactive and Fun

This toy is great for smaller kids ages 2-8 and kids will love it as its better than getting them a real pet. You never have to feed this pet and it can survive playing with small kids and you don’t have to clean up after it.

Its eyes light up and can change color which is always exciting and fun to see. Especially after playing with it. The Jenx Robot Interactive Puppy will bark and even dance. He will also follow after you once you come in range. There is even power saving features where if he is inactive for 5 minutes or more he becomes inactive in order to save battery power.

Voice Commands

This cool robotic puppy can take various voice commands such as: Follow me, turn left,dance, kiss me and much more. So kids can learn and discover the commands along with the cool actions this toy can do. It’s a really fun and interactive pet that’s almost good as the real deal. The kids will not be able to put it down which means more time playing on their own or with their siblings. The toy can easily move as it has unique designed legs that are wheels and is great for indoor usage or even on flat surfaces outside. Do be sure to check this great product out for your kids.

Why you should get this?

  1. It’s perfect for small kids especially boys as a gift.
  2. It’s very interactive and fun.
  3. Low maintenance when compared to a real pet.
  4. Great power saving features.


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