Indo Board

indo board

The Indo Board is not something that you see every day but I bet its the most interesting and its the perfect way to get fit or add to your workout regimen while you improve your coordination and balance. This thing is quite the miracle worker and will improve your balance, core stability and overall posture and is one of the best balance boards on the market. Its applications are endless as you can use it to get in shape, improve balance and posture and even practice your surfing and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Indo Board

The board and roller are well constructed and durable and look allot in shape like a skateboard with very vibrant and attractive colors. It’s best to use this product on a mat or carpet to reduce the rapid rolling of the roller beneath the board. Using one takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it using this device can be both fun and very effective and aiding your workout and balance.

You will also have a variety of beautiful crafted and patterned boards to choose from which makes this balance board quite the beauty to behold in person.

Who is this product for?

indo board

The Indo board is for those who want to improve their balance for whatever reason the most popular of which is surfing, snowboarding and skiing. If those activities including getting in shape sound like what you want then this is definitely the product for you as it works great as you can perform your exercises or practice from home which would normally be impossible for surfers for example as there is not a large body of water around the home which is amazing as this product solves a lot of those problems and more easily.

As a workout aid or tool this balance board is good for working on your core region using exercises such as squats and to tone your arms and legs by performing push ups and various exercises while balancing on the board and also incorporating weights to up the difficulty and intensity of your exercise.

Why should I buy this?

1. Great for practicing balance and coordination.

2. Ideal for practicing surfing when away from the water.

3. Is a perfect workout tool with many applications.

4. Looks great and is bound to draw attention for those who see it for the first time.


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