GTA 5 PS4 bundle Black Friday Deal

gta 5 ps4 bundle

PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle – Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us Remastered

It has become a tradition of sorts to look forward to a great PlayStation 4 Black Friday deal each year and this year is no different as we draw nearer to Black Friday and the deals we have all come to love and look forward to. This year we are all anticipating the GTA 5 PS4 bundle, especially after seeing it listed on the UK Amazon website, but guess what? the wait is over as the bundle that has long been speculated is now official for shoppers and will be around for Black Friday 2014.

Are you ready? well this bundle will feature Grand Theft Auto 5 and The last of Us, both games have been digitally remastered and filled with new features for the PS4 and bonuses have been added for new as well as returning players. This means even if you played the Game already there is still great additions which will make having this bundle worth it.

 PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle

This bundle will be the biggest deal of Black Friday along with the XBox one offering for this Black Friday deals. With such a great deal you will receive:

  1.  The PS4 video Game Console and a single controller.
  2. Accessories: HDMI cable, headset, and other standard accessories.
  3. Two Video Games Titles: Grand Theft Auto 5 and The last of Us remastered.

The Price of the Bundle

See below for the price of the Bundle which will be on special for this Black Friday so be sure to grab yours before they disappear in the Blink on an eye:

Why should I consider Getting this Black Friday Bundle?

1. If you have been holding out on getting a new console now is the time to take advantage of this offer.

2. Even if you played both titles before the improved graphics and new game features changes the whole experience.

3. The great price of this Bundle for Black Friday.

4. Ability to transfer save files from any platform over to your new game that includes online or from the XBox One.

5. Extra features for returning players that are exclusive to them only.

Why take my word for it you can check out the deal yourself by clicking here  and also feel free to share it with your friends and remember to check back often for more great deals in our Black Friday special deals highlights.


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