Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser

fred and friends mister tea infuser


If you are looking for the best Tea Infuser to brew the perfect cup of tea each time you make a cup, then I suggest you get one of the most stylish sets on the market in the form of the Fred and friends mister tea infuser. Fred is made from a combination of rubber and silicone, simply snap the two halves apart and place your choice of Tea into is lower half and places the halves back together while watching him work is magic each time.

Also there are several styles such as Deep Tea diver, a lemon wedge, the Titanic in the form of a ship and a Manatea. So if Fred is not to your liking then you will love the others its your choice.Fred will hangout on the rim of your favorite cup while he relaxes and you wait for that brew, no more left over tea scraps or a whole mess in your cup, when you are finished he cleans up nicely and he wont taint the taste of your tea as the material he is made of is unreactive and safe just like is other friends.

fred and friends mister tea infuser

My Favorite of Fred’s Friends


So if you often prepare loose tea from herbs in your Garden or purchase them from the store you will need one of these in your kitchen for the perfect start to your day. A word of advise though never fill this bad boy all the way up as Tea leaves tend to expand and you will need to leave some room for that expansion. It also washes easy and will be there for you when you are ready to brew another cup. What I like best about this item is that it’s so cute and when you have friends over they are sure to be captivated by it and can be the most important point from which to start a conversation.

See the Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser in Action

See this great product in action and how it works:


  • Brew the perfect cup with loose leaf tea of your choice.
  • Non-reactive and will not change the taste of your Tea.
  • Made from materials that contain no toxic substances
  • Works fine even with Tea Bags.


  • Very small leaf Tea or herbs will pass through the filter and into your cup of Tea.

I am sure you will love this item and can make for a nice small gift for someone who loves to drink Tea and enjoy a good book or maybe you are a person that loves unique things, whatever the reason Fred and friends mister tea infuser might be just right for you.

Fred MR. TEA Silicone Tea Infuser
List Price: $8.95
Price: $7.49
You Save: $1.46


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