Fisher Price BeatBo

fisher price beatbo

This Fisher price BeatBo is the perfect toy to get your baby moving and learning in a fun and exciting manner. The toy stands to an height of 13 inches tall and has a multicolored LED display, the cutest ears you have ever sen with buttons on its feet. To power this toy you will need all of four (4) double A batteries. At the base of the toy you have a volume control knob that can be adjusted from very high to a lower sound setting with the flick of a switch.

The Buttons

On one leg of the fisher price beat bo you have the button that controls three (3) modes of play for kids to move and learn and then on the other foot you have the record and remix function. So simply choose a mode and he will light up dance and sing.

The songs are cool upbeat songs that kids can jam to and while BeatBo moves is head and torso back and forth while is chest with the LED lights blinks and changes color patterns.

fisher price beatbo

Learning Mode

In learning mode the kids can learn about colors, numbers and letters of the alphabet. Hits include the ABC song that runs the kids through the ABC with the kids clearly hearing each letter of the alphabet. The kids can improve both there numeracy and literacy just by playing with this fun educational learning toy from fisher price.

Record and Remix Mode

In this mode fisher price BeatBo will use a short recorded word or phrase that you record in a song. This is a very cool feature as kids can interact and say something and BeatBo will convert it to a fun sounding robotic voice and make whatever you say into a cool song which is really creative and a fun feature the kids are going to adore. You can also touch is tummy to have him sing various songs.

Who is this toy for?

Ideal for 9-36 month old children who you want to learn while they have fun in a interactive and cool manner.This will provide the perfect oppertunity for them to lean their ABC’s and how to count along with the various colors.


The prices are quite reasonable as you see above and it worth the price for the learning experience you kids will enjoy.

Reasons you should Buy the Fisher Price BeatBo:

1. Kids can learn numeracy and literacy in a very fun manner.

2. The toy is very interactive and entertaining.

3. Great price.

4. Filled with fun features such as record and remix feature.


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