Crocs Mammoth

crocs mammoth

There are a variety of Crocs mammoth that includes those for kids,women, men and even varieties that can be worn by both sexes that can be conveniently slipped on  and there is even a variety of color options and styles of these shes to choose from based on your personal preference and style.

While they are made from synthetic material through out the external is made from a flexible and bendable rubber material with holes at the front to ensure proper ventilation of your feet. The inside is lined with a fur like material or insole that keeps your feet warm and can be removed if needed.

To ensure its secure on your feet the crocs mammoth evo clog has a back strap. The bottom has a very nice outer gritted surface with a beautiful pattern ideal for indoor or outdoor wearing. These shoes are ideal as a easy slip on and is extremely light,warm and durable and with its inner lining makes for extreme comfortable wearing.

Ideal for the Cold weather

Get Crocs mammoth for times of the year that are cold to keep your feet as well as that of your loved ones warm from kids to adults can get their own pair.Also be rest assured especially for kids that these will last a very long time.

Types of Crocks:

Why should you buy these?

  1. Very comfortable and warm.
  2. Flexible and durable.
  3. Very good price.
  4. Fits and can be worm by men,women or kids.


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