Cozmo: Super realistic Robot


Cozmo is an advance robot that looks like a train or bulldozer in some ways. This toy is created by Anki and is one cool and advanced toy that you can get your hands on right now. Cosmo is a fully functional living breathing autonomous robot that can do a bunch of things. All these features fits into a quite miniature toy that’s just adorable.

This robot has a cool animated digital face that does cool gestures with its crude eyes and he produces sounds and can even recognize its owner. He can even make gestures and flip itself over and make cute movements almost like a dog in a way.

Whats in the Box?

Cozmo comes in a very nice box. There are also three interactive cubes that he can track that change color.There is also a charger and battery packs.Also in the box are stickers, quick start guide and other pamphlets.

A closer look:

He has a mobile arm that he can use with great effect. He can use said arm to move and interact with things in the environment around him. Cozmo can stack and knock down the interactive cubes that comes in the set and you can really have fun with him while playing with these cubes.

The cubes are battery-powered and light up green and a variety of other colours. He will move around when picked up and it almost seems as if he is actually alive. If you turn him over completely he will flip himself over as he is quite agile although you can’t just tell that at first glance. Its movements are also varied and fresh for example turning him over he may flip back over one way and variate that another time which is a cool touch. He can also notice and map terrain and can tell the edge of a table and avoid falling with its built-in camera. He can stack is cubes and they interact with him and light up. He even makes a little chuckle sometimes that fun to notice especially when he gets something correct.The cubes can also turn other colors such as blue,red and so on as well when stacked. You can play games with Cozmo using his blocks which is a fun feature. It will really feel as if you are playing with a person as he concentrates and tries to beat you at the cube game.

Cozmo Size and Personality

You may think at first this thing is very small but what it lacks in size it makes up for in personality. A lot of technology went into making this thing and it’s really smart. It Kind of reminds me of a character from an animated film. He will instantly melt your heart and win you over.

He can recognize faces and remember names which is very cool. He will say your name in is own unique robotic way after learning it.


The App

There is also an App to interact with the robot. You can use the App in explorer mode to see what Cozmo sees and he can identify faces uses facial recognition. He can even recognize objects such as is power cubes. Using the app on your phone you can also control Cozmo’s movements. The app also includes things to do like Goals and you can do things like teach him your name. He can also notify you when he wants to play. If you say no he will even respond appropriately such as being disappointed.

Features are also been added to keep things fresh so there will be no shortage of cool stuff to do.This is a really fun and exiting toy that I highly recommend. I have not seen another robotic toy like this before that so advanced and full of features you will definitely want to check this one out.

Cozmo (Old Packaging)
List Price: $179.99
Price: $170.99
You Save: $9.00

Why you should buy this:

  1. Cozmo is fun to play with as he has a great personality.
  2. Very interactive and fun.
  3. Cool gestures which makes this robot almost seem life-like.
  4. Full featured app with additional functionality.


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