The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls

Hide the kids at night and they better not dear venture outside after dark, because The Boxtrolls are on the loose and the movie is a smash hit. Follow the main character Eggs and his family The Boxtrools who are lovingly named after the boxes that they all seem to wear of varying types. The Boxtrolls while being all round nice guys have gotten a bad rep,scorn and fear of the local population.

The story is surrounding the Boxtrolls being captured by the villain Archibald Snatcher who is hellbent on capturing all the Boxtrools for his personal selfish gains, so it’s up to Eggs and Winnie to save their family , will they succeed? find out:

The Boxtrolls [Blu-ray]
List Price: $6.40
Price: $6.40
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