Black Seed Oil: The health benefits are amasing.

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed oil is said to cure everything except death. It’s also known as black cumin seed oil and is known the world over for its many medicinal benefits and uses. It has amassing Antioxidant properties that reduces inflammation, lower blood pressure, help with conditions such as Asthma and more.

It can even be used on the skin to help out with various skin conditions and for hair related problems.With so many uses you may wonder is there anything this natural plant extract cannot do?

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Main Benefits of Black Seed oil:

Here are some of the any benefits that Black seed oil is claimed to have. Many people swear by it and others have been converted after trying it for themselves.

1.Kidney Health: Its claimed to protect the Kidneys from various kinds of infection.

2.Weight Loss: It’s also reported to have weight loss effects and this is tied to its ability to lower blood sugar. It’s also achieves this by helping to control your craving for carbs which are converted to fats by the body.

3.Liver health: Black seed oil can also improve liver function which in turn removes toxins from the body and helps with the breaking down of fats. This also extends to other functions carried out by the liver as this products may improve the functioning of this organ.

4. Acne: Black seed oil can help those who have acne by controlling and reducing the symptoms associated with Acne. Additionally it can help the skin to heal and reduce the appearance of scars on the body.

5. Muscle Cramps: if you suffer from muscle related pains and other such issues. It’s a great anti-inflammatory agent. You can apply the oil directly to the skin and massage it in and let it work its magic.

6. Healthy Hair: Having issues with hair loss? well black seed oil has been reported to be effective to help those suffering from hair loss. Its helps by strengthening hair follicles making hair stronger and more resilient.

7. Improves males/Female health: It has several benefits to males (and females) as in males it can improve sperm count and can improve fertility in both males and females.

8.Respiratory issues: Its makes breathing easier by opening up the air passage ways of the lungs. So those with respiratory problems can take black seed oil to experience relief from their ailments.

Other Benefits

The other benefits include:

1.Supports healthy immune system.

2.Healthy inflammatory response.

3.Digestive and respiratory health.

4.Healthy blood sugar levels.

5. Healthy blood pressure.

All the benefits are too numerous to list individually but as was mentioned its claimed to cure everything but death in a joking manner. It also goes without saying that this article is meant for educational purposes and does not substitute the professional advise of your Doctor so take the advise give here as mare suggestions and not professional medical advise.

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Where does Black seed Oil or black cumin seed oil come from?

Black seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the Nigella Sativa Plant which is often called the Black cumin. The oil is extracted by many methods but the best method is the cold-press method to maintain high quality.

Where to Buy Black Seed Oil?

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How to Take Black Seed Oil?

Its meant mainly as a dietary supplement and you should take between 1-2 teaspoons daily with your meal. Also be sure to consult your medical practitioner and never take these supplements while taking other medication. The taste is bad and its suggested you take it with some natural honey.




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