Black Sails

Black Sails

When I first encountered the Black Sails series I thought for sure that this was a run of the mill series that I would not really like but I can gladly say that I was so wrong. The series is filled with adventure and plunges the audience into the world of pirates from the perspective of the pirates and their ultimate Goals.

Black Sails the series is set in 1715 an age where Pirates roam the seas and men live and die by their own code of living. The most feared and cunning of them all is captain Flint and is huge ambitions that are revealed as the series goes on but there is more to the captain Flint character than meets the eye as he is a complicated person. He aligns himself with Eleanor Guthrie  to realize their ambitions together and preserve their way of life.

You will get a deep look into the way the pirates lived and the codes that they devoted their lives to and you will see why they were so feared. If you have not seen this series be sure to give it a try its worth seeing,I guarantee that you will be hooked by the first episode.

Black Sails: Season 1
List Price: $29.98
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