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I remember as kids there was nothing more pleasurable than getting a few of my favorite Wrestling figures and having them fight it out in the ring. Of course this was all make belief but you know in the mind of a child its as close to the real deal as you can get from home. It felt great and the memories were lasting so much so that I remember them to this day. So with such a memory in the back of my mind and a smile on my face I present to you the best wrestling action figures.

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wrestling figures

1.WWE Basic John Cena Figure

wrestling figures

Lets start things off with the man himself John Cena. Kids can recreate classic matches with this great action figure or craft their own. They can virtually do anything they like. The figure is really accurate and captures the likeness of Cena to the letter. You can also get other super stars to match up and support him as you create the ultimate team or have him go at it alone.

2.Mini Smack Battle Action Wrestling Toy Figure Play Set

wrestling figures

This set has total of twelve figures and comes with a ring. The ring itself is pretty cool and has elastic sides for even more fun and authenticity as kids play with this set. The average figure is a total of 2.5 inches in height and the ring is five by five inches with enough space for some epic matches with these included figures.I like this set as you do not need anything additional out the box, well maybe only some imagination. I would recommend this as a gift for small kids especially if they are already wrestling fans.

3. WWE Basic Figure, Kalisto

wrestling figures

Checkout this awesome Kalisto figure, now just imagine a child who is a fan of this wrestler receiving is favorite wrestler as an action figure. They would be over the moon with excitement. Don’t like this particular figure or character? no problem you can actually have any character you like just check out the listing for yourself. The paint job and build quality on these figures is well done and you can really have some fun with them without fear of them falling apart easily.

4.The Four Horsemen Hall of Fame WWE Elite 4 pack figures

wrestling figures

If you are more into the classics then check out the four Horsemen figures set. It includes the characters:Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham & Tully Blanchard. what more could you ask for. You can even decide to keep these as collectables as they are a throw back to a classic era in wrestling that fans can identify with.

5. 30 Piece MASSIVE Wrestling Figure Accessories Pack

wrestling figures

To finish things off here we have this great Accessory pack that contains all the major tools and trinkets a wrestler could ever need to keep his match fair and square with.It includes a ladder,chair,barbwire and all other accessories wrestlers often use in a match.


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