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Hatchimals are taking the world by storm especially this holiday season as they are the most sought after toys for kids. Each Hatchimal lives inside of an egg and you will have to help them hatch, it’s really unique concept and one of the most fun parts of owning one of these toys. No wonder they are so popular.Plus the fun does not stop after they are hatch they can grow from a baby into a kid and can be thought various things and you can play fun games and more.

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Whats inside the package?

Inside the package you will get a Hatchimal inside its egg, instruction booklet, reference guide and 2 AA batteries that have already been installed inside the toy.You only need carefully remove it from the box.

Getting started

When opening the package be extra careful not to damage the egg. When you remove the plastic locks at the bottom of the egg your Hatchimal will come to life. You will not be able to tell which Hatchimal you will get as it’s a mystery out the box. You will first have to hatch the egg to see.

Hatching your Egg

You will need to care your egg while its inside the package. The cool thing is that even while in its egg state it will produce really adorable sounds and you will be able to interact with it before its hatched. They eyes will also change color indicating how its feeling. The cool thing will be for your child to encourage it to hatch.The more love it receives will speed up the hatching process.


The key is love, you can hold the bottom of the egg to have its eyes glow pink and hear its heartbeat. You can also run the egg to warm your Hatchimal up. You can tilt your egg repeatedly to either side and play with your egg and it will react,it will enjoy this but don’t over do it as it may become dizzy.

You can also tap on your egg and your Hatchimal will tap right back at you. Also the eye color can indicate mood red means its upset you can rub the base of the egg to make it feel better. Once you play with the egg enough it will start to hatch. This should take about 25-30 minutes of play.

When a Hatchimals eyes glow in a rainbow pattern that an indicator its ready to hatch. Don’t worry you wont miss it though as you will have to rub the bottom the egg and as you do so it will peck its way out of the shell. You may have to help remove sections of the shell to complete hatching.

Playing with your Hatched Hatchimal

Once its hatched you can remove the tape surrounding it. You can now press the belly and allow it to sing and move about. It does not stop there you can still grow and care for your Hatchimal petting its head, tilting it forward to eat, playing with its belly or tilting up and down while gliding it through the air. As she grows at each stage she will sing hatchy birthday which is a cute song and her eyes will glow.


Teaching your Hatchimal to talk, walk and dance

You can even teach her how to talk. This is really fun all you have to do is press and hold the belly and her eyes change color. You can say a phrase and let go off the belly. It will repeat the phrase.

You can also teach it to walk holding the belly until her eyes turn white which will trigger this mode, place her on a flat surface and tap her head. Now clap your hands once for her to move and twice for her to turn.

For dancing simply hold her belly until you hear dance music and her eyes turn purple, tap her head to start or hear a drum beat .

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Growing your Hatchimal?

Hatchimals will progress from Baby stage to toddler to Kid stage as you play with them and teach them various tricks and words. There are cool stuff to unlock which they can do such as silly sounds, tag, Hatchimal says, physic hatchimal which are all fun games.

Battery Change

If the eyes of your Hatchimal flashes Red and orange that means she needs a battery change. You will need to remove the compartment at its base and replace the 2 x AA batteries that are currently installed.The power and reset buttons can be found on the bottom of the Hatchimal.Changing the battery and operating the toy is easy but should always be done by parents.


It’s very rarely a toy comes along like this that’s well thought out. It takes a unique approach to toys as you are introduced to Hatchimals from the stage of an egg which gets kids invested as they see their cute baby grow from one stage to the other. This teaches kids responsibility and how to care about a pet. This is really awesome as very few toys are able to do this. These things are virtually flying off the shelves especially over the holidays as all kids are looking forward to getting one of these toys. You should definitely get this unto the shopping list for the kids as this is a gift that will not disappoint in any way.  satisfaction is guaranteed with this highly sought after kids toy so go ahead and buy yours right now below.

Choose your Hatchimal to Buy now:

Choose any of the wonderful Hatchimals from below and bring home the Fun to your Kids. Also bear it mind there are various colors of Hatchimals and even friends to choose from:

Why you should get this toy:

1.Its very interactive and fun.

2. Kids love them and can’t get enough. It’s already the most sought after toy for this holiday season if you can get your hands on one.

3. They are very cute and teach kids responsibility.

4. Produces fun interactive sounds and light effects.

5. Does not get boring fast as other toys. As many levels of interactivity.

Why you may skip this?

  1. The main reason you may skip this is they have become really popular and you will most likely have to pay a premium for one. That aside its still a very well made and good toy that’s worth the money and it does not disappoint.




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