Best gifts for 10 year old boys

gifts for 10 year old boys

It can be a really tedious task finding appropriate gifts for kids. We know a parents situation and would like to help a bit. So I have come up with some of the most sought after gifts for 10 year old boys. These gifts are the things Kids dreams are made of, literally. Remember when you were young and would get really excited about the latest toys? well this is the kind of enthusiasm that these gifts will build inside your kids. I personally love these selections and  I know you will also love them yourself.

Gifts for 10 year old Boys

1.Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit

This is the perfect combination for the inquisitive young mind. Its challenging, entertaining and best of all educational. If your child shows potential to be oriented towards the sciences or electronics Snap circuit is the perfect way to develop their little minds.

gifts for 10 year old boys

It’s also very fun and includes illustrated manual and has the potential for hundreds of projects in a single set. You could not ask for a better product as it has won plenty of awards for its innovative design.

Kids will have fun designing and building working electrical circuits. The pieces snap together easily. Kids can design flashing lights, adjustable siren and more.If you are going for something educational this should be the first on your list of choices.Your child will feel like a genius with a great sense of accomplishment which could grow into wonderful things in the future.

2.Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow

I am really excited about this one as I myself am a male and can see the appeal. The Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow comes in the exciting colors of: Green,Orange and red.This bow set is really safe as the arrows have a suction cup tip that are harmless. The bow itself has a really good range and they are kid friendly. It will stick to surfaces such as glass and can shoot up to 100 feet or more.

gifts for 10 year old boys

Little boys will love this Bow as a gifts and they can develop their shooting skills. The arrows will stick to almost any surface and the pack comes with 3 arrows. You can pick up additional arrows too if you like.

The bow is very brightly colored and is easy to spotted. Its 100% safe. The handle can light up and you also get the cool whistle arrows included.

3.Artemis Fowl Box Set

For a kid that loves to read there is nothing like a good adventure book. Reading is the pass time activity that will never get old or make for great gifts. A great book for 10 year old boys is the Artemis Fowl Box Set . Each book is greater than the last. It’s the page turning book of the decade with a young protagonist with a Genius level IQ and the wits to beat the best of them.

gifts for 10 year old boys

Its filled with mystery, magic, adventure and a world of intrigue. The set contains five books: Artemis Fowl , The Arctic Incident , The Eternity’s Code , The Opal Deception and The Lost Colony. This one will hit home without fail if your child likes to read.

4. My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

I can see that young and upcoming scientist light up when he revives the My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope. It’s a easy to use which makes it ideal as a kids first Microscope. While this is a toy it’s actually just as good as the real deal giving kids a really authentic experience.



It has a 50 piece accessory kit and can magnify an object up to 400 times that of what the unaided eye can see. It battery operated for convenience and portability. It also has genuine glass optics.

5. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

gifts for 10 year old boys

If showmanship is your kids thing he will be amazing you and everyone you meet with spectacular magic tricks. With this set your 10 year old will learn very amazing magic tricks that will amaze and dazzle. Best of all it will be next to impossible for you to figure them out. The secrets are all within this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set.

This can also work well for parties and your child will learn the basics of Magic. The set also stores away neatly in a wooden box for convenient and easy storage.

How are you liking my list so far? if you don’t see something you like check out these additional Best gifts for 10 year old boys .

6.Razor A Kick Scooter

This is now a classic item for kids that are 10 years old and is even ideal for younger or older kids.It will also grow with them and they can later on learn stunts as they grow older and become more competent.

Razor A Kick Scooter (Blue)
List Price: $41.13
Price: $41.13
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This scooter is really strong and weighs only 6 lbs. The brake is in the rear of the device. Kids can have this in their favorite color to make it their own. They are really going to love this as a gift for almost any occasion.So dont be afraid to check it out for yourself.

7. LEGO Minecraft 21119 the Dungeon Building Kit

With Minecraft how could you lose. Kids love these Lego Minecraft sets to death. This set has 219 pieces and is ideal for building the perfect dungeon.

gifts for 10 year old boys


If your kids already has the Minecraft games and loves the series then I highly recommend this toy set for them. Your 10 year old will have lots of fun assembling and then playing with the kit.

8. Darice 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set

For a child that’s more artistic I suggest you check out this great art set for them. It has an amazing collection of everything they need to create great art work. It has a total of 120 pieces. It comes in a portable case.

gifts for 10 year old boys

It’s a great value and can even be used in art classes. Your 10 year old boy will have plenty to choose from as he brings is thoughts and creative works to life on the canvas. It has just about everything that he could want.

9.Haktoys HAK123 5 Wheeled X-Terrain RC Stunt Car

This is a amazing 5 wheel stunt car. It’s very durable and is remote-controlled. It will race over almost any surface you can throw at it without loosing its balance. It has great shock absorbing design and can be used wither outdoors or indoors.

gifts for 10 year old boys


It has functional LED headlights. Your child will also have precise control over it at all times. The design is very unique and you don’t have to worry as it has a built-in battery. It will take 3 hours to charge and run for 20 minutes. You will have the option of getting it in Red, Blue or random color.

10.Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

If exploring and treasure hunting is more your kids style a metal detector is the perfect way to get him out and about. He will be all over exploring. He can go exploring in the backyard, woods,park and so much more places.

gifts for 10 year old boys

Who knows the treasures he might find. It very lightweight for young kids. The closer you are to an object the signal volume will increase. It can detect objects that are buried up to 3 inches in the ground. There is also a cool read out display so you can get visual feedback.

I do hope you found the perfect gifts for 10 year old boys here its a great list of ten of your best picks that you definitely can’t go wrong with.You can also check out other great Kids toys here.


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