Beats Pill Portable Speaker

Beats Pill Portable Speaker

Portable speakers are all rage right now and none does a better job than the Beats Pill Portable Speaker, I must say that I am in love with this thing especially when paired with the Beats Dude Stand it makes for a very nice combination. For now lets first focus on the portable stereo speakers themselves that has cool features such as Bluetooth and they do come in a wide variety of colors for those among us who has a soft spot for a particular color in their devices. The main colors include: Black , Blue, Gold, Pink, Red, silver, white and a few more premium colors such as Rose Gold white and black which makes for an interesting set of color choices.

The Box

The packaging is standard and it comes in a very nice box with the product on the box and sealed in a clear wrap packaging. Presentation on opening the box is well done and quite premium looking. You also get a variety of manuals and pamphlets as usual to get you started with the new device.

Included Accessories:

A 3.5 Audio cable with an angled tip ,Micro USB to regular USB charging cable, Clip and a wall brick for charging at a regular power wall outlet.

The Beats pill

The beats pill itself comes in its own self-contained packaging which is great as other than the box an added layer of protection and damage resistance is added to the device with this idea. The device itself comes in a very nice case with the Beats branding on the outside in red, on opening the case the beats portable speaker is nestled inside and protected by a very soft lining.

Holding the device in one hand its about two times the size of an average palm and it’s quite light weight and looks well designed and is just nice to look at.

Inputs on the Beats Pill

There are several inputs that includes a line out and a line in port, there is an easy to spot power button, Bluetooth and charging input jack. In the center towards the top you can find the volume control for volume up and down. Towards the bottom is a rubber base stand that keeps the Pill firm as it lies on a flat surface.

Beats Pill Portable Speaker

Operating and Testing the Beat Pill

On powering it up you get a very nice power on effect, its easy to know it on as the beats logo at the front and center will glow showing the device is powered. The thing I like the most was that pairing the device was easy as you simply long press the beats logo for a few seconds and the LED on the back for Bluetooth connectivity will blink and is searching for a device as its in pairing mode. From here on its a simple matter of getting your smartphone or another device and searching for the Beats Pill and pairing them together which is pretty straight forward to say the least. Once the pairing is complete all you have to do is play your favorite songs through the paired device and the Beats pills will come alive with some great sounding music.

A cool feature that I like is that if you have a phone paired to the device as I am sure you do you will be able to receive and answer calls easily as it has a built-in mic which is a nice consideration.

Sound Quality and Audio Playback

Audio playback is loud and you do get a very rich sound quality with a very nice and deep bass for a device this compact, however if you are seeking something earth shattering in terms of the quality of the Bass you will be disappointed but for what it is you do get a solid portable speaker system. The audio clarity was very nice and loud ,I guarantee you will be impressed by the sound from this small thing.

Beats Pill Dude

Beats Pill Portable Speaker

If you want to take things to the next level then I suggest that along with your Beats Pill Portable Speaker you also buya Beats Pill dude which are pretty cool and have a very unique design. Also there are matching colors so I recommend that you get both in the same color. In most cases you will be using Pill dude as a dock and there is one thing that we can say about the design of this thing is that it’s not boring as the conventional designs of docking devices of these types.

The arms are movable and the head can adjust in a 360 degrees range to project the sound in which ever direct you want when the pill is inserted, there is also a cut out in the back for the inputs and a set of eyes on top to add a little personality. Its to be noted that the Beats Pills dude is sold separately and is optional but its an optional accessory that I highly recommend especially if you are getting this as a gift for a kid or even a teen.

The front is magnetic and you only need to remove the front and insert the Beats pill, its fits very nicely in the grooves inside the Pill dude and the front snaps on easily.

Why you should definitely buy this:

1. Backed by the Beats brand and is of a very high build quality.

2. Great sound quality for the size.

3. You can easily answer your calls when your phone is connected.

4. This thing is well designed and looks really great.

Why you may want to miss this:

While the sound quality is good and this is a premium devise the sound quality is far from perfect especially for the price, it does not disappoint but there is definite room for improvement.


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