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amazon uk add on items

Find the perfect Amazon Add-on items

If you are a shopper and would like to find Amazon UK add on items or filler items  as they are often called to get free delivery to your home let Us provide you with a great list of cool Add on items that will suit your needs.If you are a US shopper your list can be found here, otherwise read on.

This list of great items was compiled specifically for United Kingdom shoppers and only quality offerings will be included as part our list.

How does Add-on Items Get you free delivery on Amazon UK?

Once you decide to make an order, simply add any of the items with the Add on item marking from our list below to your shopping basket and make your order up to £10 with other great items that are sold by Amazon UK and that’s it you will get free delivery with Amazon UK to your home. Please remember that along with the Add-on items the other items in your basket must be marked sold by Amazon to qualify.

You can even create an entire order solely of Add on items and meet the minimum balance or higher or decide to subscribe to any of these add-on items and skip that requirement all together. But wait! even Amazon  prime members get benefits from these items as you can get great one day shipping when your order meets or exceeds the minimum  £10 mark with Add on items in the mix.

Benefits of Add on items

1. You get Free Shipping of orders of £10 and above from items sold by Amazon.

2. You get great and useful items.

3. You save money big time.

Amazon UK Add on items List

Nivea Happy Time Shower Gel - 250 ml
List Price: £1.99
Price: £3.99
You Save: N/A

1. NIVEA Happy Time Shower Cream

A great beauty care product to moisturize and refresh your skin every time you shower leaving you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead.

2. 8 GB USB 2.0 DataTraveler

If you are looking for a reliable storage option that’s portable and affordable then this great Amazon UK add on item which comes in various sizes ranging from 8-64 Gigs may be what you have been looking for in a USB Flash drive.

3.LED Magnetic Lamp

This great Magnet LED lamp consumes very little energy and is very bright, ideal for dark spaces around the house or in case of a power outage you do not want to be caught without this Amazon Add-on item.

4.Paper Mate Inkjoy 100 Capped Ball Pen Medium

A great assortment of pens in almost every conceivable colour that you could ever want, I love these pens as they offer great variety and they are a great saving to boot.

5.PG Tips 1 Cup Catering Teabags

If you Just can’t go without your all natural Tea as a pick me up or a beverage for guests or friend this is a great filler item that can be added to any order.

6. Heavy-Duty Sharpcut Handsaw

If you are a DIY Enthusiast like me then you know how handy it can be to have the right tools around the house and fix potential problems that would otherwise require you to call a professional.  Check out this great pick from our Amazon UK add on items.

7. Barry M Cosmetics Nail Paint

Available in various shades this nail polish is ideal for ladies that want to look their best at all times, this nail polish was created with you in mind check it out along with the colour options.

8. Scotch Magic Tape Refill Roll

Is there anything that Magic tape cannot do? I absolutely cannot survive without it around the house for quick repairs and even making labels with my favorite sharpie marker.

 9. 1001Cables – Mouse Mat Black

Get a great Mouse Mat to replace that one that you have been swearing that you will replace very soon, you will not get a better price than this for a great Mouse Mat.

Head Jog 202 Black Tail Comb
List Price: £1.95
Price: £1.51
You Save: £0.44

10.  Head Jog 202 Black Tail Comb

Keep yourself well-groomed and looking as sharp as ever with Great comb that you can keep at home or carry along anywhere with you.

Ladies and gents I hope that you were able to find a great item from Amazon UK to qualify your order for free shipping with one of our Amazon UK Add on items. If you like what you saw don’t keep it to yourself share the love and leave a comment.Also share this list with all your friend and help them in receiving free shipping as well from Amazon UK.


I created this website to help shoppers find great and reliable products at very low prices that would be suitable for their own use or as a gift. Running a small home business affords me the luxury of purchasing great items online which I get to review and then pass on to my clients. I am always receiving new products so its a joy to review and recommend great items.

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