Zuru Bunch O Balloons

Zuru Bunch O Balloons

Do you know what gets old fast? having to tie a bunch of Balloons for a kids backyard summer party. If there was only a way those balloons could tie themselves. Well guess what? your prayers have been answered with these self tying water balloons. Check out Zuru Bunch O Balloons.These are Self-tying water Balloons.

I know it’s almost impossible to believe but a product like this does actually exist. The balloons will literally self seal or tie themselves. So you don’t have to be bothered with the long and tedious task of tying.

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How does Zuru Bunch O Balloons work?

Its simple to use and you will be done in minutes. Simply get a set and attach to a garden hose or pipe. Turn on the water and like magic the balloons begin to inflate. It’s really fun to watch and as they reach the optimum size they simply break off and self tie.

Within a few minutes you can have a tub of several water balloons ready for the kids water fight.Trust me a entire water balloon battle can go bye within the blink of an eye, but be rest assured you wont loose because you cant fill and tie fast enough.

See it in Action

Check out this short video to see how simple and easy it can be to use the Zuru Bunch O Balloons.

How can I use these?

These are perfect for kids water Balloon fights. Ideal for summer time when its hot out and kids play with their friends in the back yard.A entire family including adults can use these as well, this can be a fun activity for the kids in the backyard for this summer as they enjoy themselves. The family can also bond over the best game of water Balloon fight ever seen.

Once you get a set of these you will never go back to the old method of tying Balloons ever.


If you have ever been in a water balloon fight you know how troubling it can be to fill one water Baboon at a time. With Zuru Bunch O Balloons you get 100 balloons in 60 seconds, no joke. The advantage of these water balloons is that several are filled at once and they self tie significantly reducing the annoying wait time you would normally have to deal with.

These water Balloons are amazing, you should definitely Check Them Out and save your self the hassle of tying Water Balloons.

Another thing I love about these Balloons is that they are biodegradable. This is perfect for those who are concerned about the environment as we all should. They literally will break down to nothing after a time if left in the soil.That does not mean you should not clean up after the water balloon fight though. But you should definitely not worry as at the end of the day these will break down safely in a land fill somewhere.You will love these water balloons I grantee it.

Also if you don’t have a standard size garden hose don’t worry as you can easily use the included quick connect adapter to set the connection point to a smaller hoses.

Color options

You will literally have a total of three (3) color options to choose from. This includes: Green, Blue and pink. The pack comes with 100 balloons and if you want you can go with one color or opt in for a mix color pack. You may however want to get additional packs as the worst thing is to really start having fun with these and run out early.

Why you should buy this:

1. It’s easy to use and can make hundreds of water balloons in minutes.

2. Comes with extra fittings to adjust to any hose size for filling.

3. Great price  and excellent build quality.

4. These are environmentally friendly as they are Biodegradable.


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