Wowwee Mip Robot

wowwee mip robot

The WowWee Mip Robot is a self balancing engineering feat the likes of which you have never seen before and it is the ideal smart robot. The MIP runs on four individual double A batteries and is an overall size of 8 inches but the cool thing about this awesome robot is the ability to balance itself on two wheels and it is filled with a whole lot of interactivity. This thing is literally filled with sensors so the robot is always aware of its surroundings and it lights up and makes interactive sounds which will make you swear this thing is self aware which is really fun.

Gesture Control Mode

He can even respond to gestures when he is set in that mode which is indicated by the blue LED on his chest, the amassing thing is it’s always balancing itself due to the design of its wheels. So in gesture mode all you have to do is make appropriate hand gestures such as follow me as you would indicate to a pet and he will follow along, likewise you can gesture for the wowwee mip to stop and he will come to a pause which is pretty intelligent and sophisticated. Also all these features can be controlled with or without the App that works with this robot much like other such robots that we have reviewed in the past. He also makes the coolest sounds and is eyes lights up, he can also go backward using gestures or turns with a swift turn sound when you indicate by hand.

To switch modes it’s a simple matter of turning the wheels either way and the modes will change which is indicated by the LED in its chest. The wowwee mip robot is quite easy to control and its all intuitive and kids especially find this robot easy to play with, but if you are a big kid at heart this will also work just as well for you as a gift or holiday present.

wowwee mip robot

Roaming Mode

In roaming mode which is yellow LED the MIP robot will roam about exploring and should he encounter an obstacle he will respond by moving out of the way or changing directions which is pretty neat, he also turns quite early if an obstacle is detected by the built-in sensors.

Dance Mode

This mode is indicated by the Green LED is easy to identify as the LED will blink on its chest and MIP will start playing a funky disco beat and move forwards and backwards in a dancing motion, you can’t resist the urge to bop your head to this. He both balances and does the dance moves in perfect sync and throws in a few cool 360 degree turns. You can also load your own custom music for him to dance to when you use the app on your smartphone which is very nice for customizing the experience.

Cage Mode

This is sort of a playful mode where you create a cage using your hands or obstacles and the Wowwee MIP robot will try to find a way out much like a maze. He will gradually increase is speed and you will have to adjust which is really fun feature as far as interactivity goes.

Custom Gestures

You can even program in your own personal gestures that you want the MIP to respond to, he can take up to 50 custom gestures for him to respond to or even to carry stuff to people which is a very nice feature you could get really creative with.


He even comes with an attachable tray that you can pin to the MIP from the chest and add stuff and he will still be able to balance even with the extra weight. This is like a juggling act as you add stuff he will adjust and account for the weight. He can even balance large cylindrical object of a descent weight which is quite impressive for a small robot of this size.

The App

The App can be installed on your smartphone although MIP the robot will do quite fine without it but you do get a more fine tuned experience using the Application. You can draw a path for him to follow, trigger the modes indicated above with a single tap such as drive, dance, battle and more.

The really cool features come out with the App as you can drive and really be in control, response time and speed are really good. You can also use the cans mode for MIP to convey different emotions that you are aiming for such as Happy, sad and so on. This is very fun mode as he will have cool reactions for each mood you put him in, some of which are quite funny.

The battle mode is interesting as you can pit a few MIPs against each other if you have more than one , the last one standing is the victor which is something fun for the kids to do with their friends who has one as well. There is also a Boxing which requires an extra robot so that they can duke it out with you being able to control the jabs from the App,stack mode allows you to pack as much things as you can on MIP’s tray before a set time after which he will spin around toppling everything over and path mode allows you to draw a path and MIP will follow.

Why should I get the Wowwee MIP Robot?

1. Very cool and filled with features.

2. Great ability to balance.

3. Very interactive and fun.


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