Best Winter Jackets for Women

winter jackets for women

Who says that a winter Jackets for women cannot be cute and functional at the same time? well both traits is something anyone with a fashion sense would undoubtedly look for in a winter coat. While the men have their choices women are a bit more peculiar when it comes to their coats for winter. There is nothing more cozy than getting your favorite coat from the rack and heading to the streets knowing you are protected from the elements.

In a Hurry? >>Here all all the latest Best Winter Jackets for Women<<

Winter jackets for women

1. Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite Hooded Jacket

This hooded jacket for women comes in four (4) main versatile colors and is made of all polyester construction, you will love the way it fits your body like a glove,it is very light and is perfect for windy or wet conditions. I recommend that  you wear this on casual occasions as it accessorizes well with everyday clothing and perfect for those cold days out.

2. Kenneth Cole Women’s Packable Down Coat

This is the winter Jacket for women that you have been waiting for made of the finest material you will ever see and built to keep you warm always. This Down coat is very long so if your coats don’t fit normally because they are too short well this one will solve that problem easy, it will stretch from shoulder to wrist for those with extra long arms and keep you nice and cozy.

3. Orolay® Women’s Thickened Down Jacket

One of my favorite picks among womens winter jackets just because it’s so cute, I am sure that you will agree with me on this one and comes it three (3) nice colors, this jacket is small and petite, guaranteed to get other just to stare at you due to how amazing it will look while you wear it.

4.OutofGasClothing Women’s Belted Fleece Button Coat Check Hood Jacket

A very cheap and affordable winter jacket that comes in 18 styles to fit any dress style or personal preference that you may have, its well made and will last you a long while and ideal for keeping you warm during those cold months, it’s after all the coldest period on record so far and things are not getting warmer. Comes with two side front pockets to keep your hands warm or just to store your stuff while you move through the blistering cold.

5.Zeagoo® Women Winter Ski Snow Waterproof Climbing Hiking 2in1 Outdoor Coat Jacket

Perfect for Hiking and climbing and will protect you from the cold and made of Microfiber construction for maximum warmth, comes in all classic colors and a must have for outdoor activities. So if you live an active lifestyle and you need to do stuff like go skiing then by all means give this one a look over for more details.

6. The North Face Aconcagua Jacket

If your current jacket is not cutting it and you are not feeling cozy and warm then maybe you need a well insulated jacket that will up the temperature and keep you very warm. Made from all polyester and nylon construction and perfect for those with a thin built.

7. Brave Soul Women’s Military Fur Hooded Quilted Padded Ladies Parka Jacket Coat

If its good enough for the military then you can bet it will be more than great for you, ideal for cold climates that you will need to keep warm in, its well insulated for maximum warmth and comes with a fur edged hood, comes in classic black my favorite and Khaki.

8.North End Women’s Linear Insulated Winter Snow Ski Snowboard Jacket Coat

Both affordable and one of the cutest coats that money can buy and perfect for keeping you warm when you go outside even in super cold conditions. You should know that finding a very reliable coat is no easy task especially finding one that looks great while doing what it does best.

9.Jessica Simpson Women’s Wool Removable Hood Toggle Coat Jacket

A great winter coat the Jessica Simpson coat is not all name but has great functionality behind the design for protecting you while its cold out. This unit zips right up and insulates you perfectly from the cold and ideal for those looking for a coat with some length.

10. OutofGasClothing Women’s Belted Fleece Button Coat

As seen above this is the grey version and looks quite nice there are so many options in this coat that makes it so versatile and we highly recommend the darker colors for maximum warmth.

I hope that you will be able to find the best winter coat that money can buy for this holiday season at a very good price that will bring on the holiday smiles. If you have any comments please leave them below in the comments section.


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