VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

Kids love to learn especially in the early stages of their development and nothing makes learning more fun to kids than a VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk. The desk itself offers a variety of interactive activities for kids in counting, learning farm animals, Ocean creatures and much more activities to keep them occupied and learning all the time without you being there meaning they can learn on there own from an early age.

In total there are over 30 learning activities that are presented in a variety of ways to suit various learning styles and preferences for both boys and girls alike. My favorite feature is the audible ABC.. counter that says the letters while showing them on a lit up panel that’s super cool and catches the attention easily. If mom and dad can have there own desk then so can their little helper.

Its convertible

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

You can even flip the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk top over and use the underside as a chalkboard so that kids can practice their numbers and letters as they develop their hand eye coordination skills or even develop there artistic talents, who know you might be developing the next great painter.I like this feature as it prevents kids from making on the walls instead they can express there need to write on the board which is there for their convenience.

On the sides there are holders for their pencils and crayons so the wont wander too far or get lost in a creative moment. They can also practice their musical talent with an easy layout piano like keyboard and try out various instruments such as Drums, clarinet, triangle which are all clearly labeled and easily accessible on the interactive pages.

Add a page and the fun Begins:

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

To start any learning activity you simply slide a page on the desk and then kids can start leaning, to change a learning activity simply change the desk. Also included is a nice stool so they can sit comfortably as they work. Each new page brings a new chance to learn something new and as they interact with the pages they can have the pleasure of seeing what each new piece has to offer.

Instruments Panel

On the instruments panel of the vtech touch & learn activity desk you can also find various instruments such as:

A clock

The clock tells time and is perfect for kids to learn about telling the time as all they have to do is set a time on the clock and they are told the time of day that indicated which is great knowing they can learn freely as they explore concepts as time. As the time is set simply hit the big red button and you are told the time easily and conveniently. Kids can then associate the moving hands and what time is being displayed.

A Display

The simple LED display is great as it displays numbers, letters and cool patterns as kids learn, it’s the coolest point on the desk as it really brings the whole thing to life and makes this stand out from a regular everyday kids desk.

Control Panel

The cool control panel can be used to control the volume and different modes of the desk and its easy to understand and operate at a glance.

Who is this Educational Toy for?

This great toy and educational learning set is great for kids 3-6 years old and is ideal to get them off to a great start learning about reading and writing or basic numeracy and literacy as we all had to learn at such an influential age. Best part they can learn the joys of learning and play from early as they develop themselves and there literary skills learning numbers, letters, musical instruments and much more.

What Powers this device?

To power this device all is needed is 3 AA batteries which are not included so do get a few of these and be prepared as you child is going to love it and love learning as well.


Overall I really love the VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk and highly recommend it for that budding young mind that you have been given the task of nurturing and growing, this will provide your child with hours of learning and growth and they will not outgrow it any time soon , plus when they do it will be more than worth the cost and its durable enough to pass down to other kids or a family member.

Why should you get this?

  • Great for teaching literacy and numeracy.
  • Makes learning fun and interactive.
  • Includes more than 30 fun activities for kids.
  • Very versatile and durable.


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