VTech Click and Count Remote Review

VTech Click and Count Remote

If your child is obsessed with playing with your TV remotes around the house why not give them their own to play with. Meet the VTech Click and Count Remote which is a kids toy that’s designed to look like an actual remote with a twist. This product is great for babies from 6 month onward to 3 years old.

Built in to this remote is over 45 songs and sweet melodies that babies will adore. It also can say phrases.

What type of batteries does this use?

Included are 2 triple AAA batteries. For best results though its recommended that you get additional batteries to replace the set that comes with this toy as they will not last long or provide great performance.

Features and Functions

The remote has a numbered keypad just like a real remote. It also has voice feedback in a cute voice kids will like that will identify which button or channel is pressed. Pressing either volume up or down will also give cute audio feedback indicating the button pressed. Hitting play as on your DVR also gives vocal feedback: “Lets replay the movie”. There is a button for record, and kids can also surf pretend channels that include stuff as news, weather.

Kids can also learn about numbers, colors and shapes using this remote as they there are various modes. There is even a song mode to hear cool kids songs about watching TV. Songs include classic songs in polyphonic tune manner such as take me out to the ball game and working on the rail road. As the music plays the keys that have light will glow on and off which is really eye catching.

In the center there is a record and playback button that makes cool sounds when rotated.Its very lightweight and highly portable.

Controlling the Volume

Adults can easily either turn the sound up or down with the switch at the side of the VTech Click and Count Remote depending on their environment that they are working in.It also has automatic shut off function.


Overall this is a great remote that little kids will love that may save your real remote. Its fun, colorful and educational all at the same time. Ideal toy to keep your kids amused and entertained. Its very affordable and a must have for small kids so do not hesitate to pick this up and remember to get some more reliable batteries to replace the set that comes in the pack.

Why should you get this?

  1. Great toy for kids especially if they keep stealing the TV remote.
  2. Teaches Shapes,numbers and colors which is educational.
  3. Well designed and very affordable.
  4. Entertaining and cute.
  5. May save your real remote lol.


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