Voltron Toys

Voltron Toys

Its time you assemble all the Voltron toys to have the ultimate collection. They are fun to play with and produce interactive sounds. Best of all they are all well made and ready for action when you are. Start your Voltron Legendary defender collection right now.If you love the Animated series you are going to love these well made figures based on the series.

They all have been recreated in glorious fashion just for you and you can collect them all.These are great for kids or those who want to collect the action figures but don’t want to spend a tun of money as these are a great value.

Voltron Toys

1.Voltron Legendary Electronic Black Lion

The Legendary Black Lion is my favorite of all the Voltron lions, it’s so distinguished and stands out from the rest of the sets.This toy has sound effects from the show and if you collect all the legendary Lions of which there are five (5) they will form Voltron which is pretty neat just like in the Animated series. The Voltron figure that will be created from these figures will be 16 inches tall and this unit helps in forming the head and the body.

2.Voltron Legendary Yellow Lion

Voltron Legendary Yellow Lion
List Price: $19.97
Price: $19.95
You Save: $0.02

The yellow Lion has 16 points from which it can move and be placed into various poses. This figure helps in forming the left leg of Voltron and also includes the speeder with Hunk its pilot.

3.Voltron Legendary Blue Lion

Voltron Legendary Blue Lion
List Price: $19.99
Price: $19.86
You Save: $0.13

This action figure forms the right leg of Voltron and includes speeder with pilot Lance and Soul Surge the projectile launcher. This unit too is very flexible and can be placed into various poses.

4.Voltron Legendary Red Lion

Voltron Legendary Red Lion
List Price: $19.13
Price: $18.91
You Save: $0.22

The red Lion Transforms into Voltrons right Arm and Voltrons Sword. Also includes the speeder with pilot Keith. The paint job is good and the figure can make various poses well and is all around a great product.

5.Voltron Legendary Green Lion

The Green Lion is the left Arm and includes part of the sword and has 18 moving points which when combined with all the other units above to form Voltron the 16 inch figure.

6.Voltron with Sword

Voltron with Sword  Basic Figure
List Price: $10.99
Price: $8.35
You Save: $2.64

The fully assembled Voltron comes with shield and sword. This figure is very flexible and can be placed into many poses based on the various moving parts and joints included on it. This particular model is a 5.5 inch scaled unit. If you are looking for a basic Voltron unit that’s one main assembled piece give this one consideration.Also note that this figure does not combine in any way to the ones above as it a separate toy.


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