Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner

Vibram Men's V Trail Runner

Looking for the perfect pair of running shoes? Well meet the Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner .These runners are perfectly molded from the sole up to fit the curvature and contours of your feet for the best fit and perfect for running over various surfaces including rocky paths. These running shoes makes it easy to adopt to any running path you may take while jogging for maximum comfort.

Color options

You can choose from four (4) major colors which includes : Black/Grey, Blue/Black, Gtrey/Black/Oragnge and Oragnge/Grey/Black. The colors are well-balanced and each major colour looks really cool.

Who are these Shoes Made for?

These shoes are ideal for off-road running and for taking paths that the traditional running shoes will not work so well on. So if you regularly run on country roads or off paved paths then these will work perfect for those situations. So get a pair of these and hit the trail.

These toes shoes give you that added extra that the normal shoes does not and is more designed with convenience in mind while giving your feet the protection they need. You can wear these comfortably for hours and walk on surfaces comfortably where normal shoes would not dare go.

Are they durable?

These Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner  shoes are amazing. You can go hundreds of miles running on various surfaces such as dirt roads,pavement and you will barely have any wear in six (6) solid months easy.You can wear them hiking or find some other use where a traditional shoes would not work well.

They might take some getting used to?

You have been wearing traditional shoes for some time so it’s a good idea to actually give your self some time on getting used to these. They also may need a breaking in period and be sure to check the size chart and choose carefully.

Why buy these?

You can purchase yours below

Why buy these:

1.They are very durable.

2.Better than the traditional running shoes for Hiking, running over rugged terrain and more.

3.Designed for comfort.

4.Fits and grips your feet and toes perfectly.


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