Ugly Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweater

I swear Ugly Christmas Sweater is the coolest thing that I have ever seen, they are Sweaters that are actually animated with various cool Animations that involves downloading an App to your phone and matching the Animation with the sweater you bought, its cool as the animation usually matches the picture on the sweater and is sure to draw attention where ever you go. The app is available for Android and iPhone.

My favorite is Stuck Santa which shows Santa being stuck down a chimney when you phone is in place you can hear him asking for help and see his legs moving, this thing is a great conversation starter and every one is sure to love this sweater and inquire as to where you got this cool item.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Here are my top selection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters and you can check out the buy it button to purchase any of the sweaters shown for your convenience:

1.Stuck Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweater

This one is my favorite as I mentioned earlier and it shows Santa being stuck in the chimney, all you have to do after getting the sweater is to download the App and place your phone in the holder on the front of the Sweater, don’t worry its secure  and play the animation and go about your business you are guaranteed to be the life of the party or the center of this years family get together.

2.Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweater

This is a very cool version of the ugly Christmas sweater that has a Fireplace that you can ignite and extinguish with a single tap, you can see the flames on the sweater dance with your phone in place which is very secure and hear the fire crackle. I like this one as it’s quite popular and really cool to see.

3. Snowglobe Rudoph Nose Ugly Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweater

This is one of the best among the Ugly Christmas sweaters and features Rudolph with a snow globe nose which can light up red and show a snow globe effect, best of all you can actually have the snow glove nose cycle your favorite pictures which is super creative and customizable.

4. Santa Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

ugly christmas sweater

Last on my list of Ugly Christmas sweaters we have one that will make you truly stand out at your next ugly Christmas sweater party hands down and that’s the Santa version of this sweater thats really realist looking as Santa’s eyes move about and look really alive when you place your phone in the holder and install the app along with choosing the one that matches this particular sweater and your are in.

I really love all these sweaters and there are even more for you to choose from but these are the best ones that are available for anyone who would like to buy one they make great gifts and if you are getting one for yourself be sure to get an even cooler one for your partner who will love it as it will work with their existing phone which is awesome.


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