Totoro Bed for Kids

totoro bed

The Kids will love the My Neighbor Totoro Sleeping Bag Sofa Bed, you guys can snuggle together during those cold night while watching Tv or simply hiding beneath the covers and reading a good book. These are the moments the kids will love and cherish forever.

My Neighbor Totoro bed

The Totoro Bed for Kids is well made and super cute, if you are into Anime the bed itself is designed and based on My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki’s which is a great move you can watch together.

How Large is this Thing?

You can use the Pictures above with it next to the sofa to judge the approximate size, but to be exact its 230CM x 175CM which is large enough to hold a young child and even you. Weight wise it weighs about 13KG.

This thing is huge how do I wash it?

Cleaning is actually not that hard, its a simple matter of removing all the inner linings and machine washing the outer portions, the soft parts can be taken care of by hand washing, for best result dry outside in the sun and use cold water throughout the washing process.

What is the Totoro Bed for Kids Made of?

The Totoro bed is constructed from very safe materials which includes: Polyester and cotton for maximum comfort.

Why you should I get this Bed:

1. Super comfortable and ideal for your kids.

2. The children will fall in love with it.

3. It’s durable and well made.


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