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durable watches

When it comes to durable watches none comes close to the style, affordability and impressive warranty that comes with a Fossil watch. I mean these things are called fossils for crying out loud and you might wonder why they have been given such a bold name but it’s actually because they last so long and the manufacturer stands behind this brand giving an impressive warranty in most cases of 11 years which shows an impressive backing of a product a manufacturer knows is going to last so they can back them with these impressive warranties. To top things off Fossil is a USA brand name so you know that you are supporting a local brand that you can trust.

The Fossil Watch Brand

I first heard about this brand from a friend that swore by them as he had one that was going on 10 plus years and still looked and worked as good as the day he bought it I was so impressed that I instantly fell in love with the brand and started to research them further and they all had impressive feedback from customers who bought or owned one.

They also have a wide variety of well designed watch pieces that look really good and today we are going to feature some of the best of the lot that will all give you the ultimate bang for your buck:

1.Fossil Men’s CH2573 Decker Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

durable watches

I like this durable watch from Fossil which is the Fossil Men’s CH2573 Decker Stainless Steel Chronograph Watchthat has a silver color through out with Black Bezels and a great crown that makes this watch stands out. its even water-resistant up to 100 meters and a Silicon band strap. You are sure to like this watch if you are looking for one with an eye catching design and great build quality.

2.FOSSIL JR1353 Nate Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

durable watches

This FOSSIL JR1353 Nate Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch is all silver tone and has a unique looking geared edge design. The band is also made of stainless steel with a buckled closure for those like me that prefer this type of band watch over a material like leather for their durability. Minus the date window inside the watch being not so prominent this is a great watch that you know will serve as a good gift and one that will last for years to come for someone who yo will love to remember you over the years.

 3. Fossil Men’s CH2948 Wakefield Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch

durable watches

This is by far one of my favorite Fossil designs that’s made from stainless steel with a mate finish that gives it a sleek look. Overall this watch exudes a feeling of classyness while not being overly expensive.

These watches are all designed for function above all else and you can rest assured that this watch will last you for years to come, especially if you are into a line of work that requires that you wear durable stuff that can keep up with your lifestyle.

4. Fossil Men’s ME3029 Grant Automatic Watch With Blue Leather Band

durable watches


The Fossil Men’s ME3029 catches the attention with the skeleton dial and blue wrist band. This one is only water-resistant up to 50 meters and its well designed with the signature Roman numerals on the inside of the dial. There are even functional dials for the week , month and so on. The rose gold look of the body also is great and is one of the things you will like best about the watch.

5.Fossil Women’s ES3204 Riley Silver and Gold Tone Watch

durable watches

It would be unfair of me to do a Top selection of durable watches article and not include something for the ladies and this final watch is beautifully designed for the ladies in mind and its something any lady would appreciate receiving as a thoughtful gift for almost any special or memorable occasion.

This durable watch has a Gold and silver toned bezel with crystal stubs embedded in it for a nice look that makes this look so much more expensive than it actually is.  This watch is also water-resistant for up to 330 feet and accessorizes well with various jewelry that women might wear and it’s just the right size for a female to wear comfortably and draw a few stares.

If you did not find what you were looking for check out our other great selection of watches.


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