Top dolls for Girls

Top dolls for Girls

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your little princess. Could it be also that you want that gift to be a doll. Well guess what you can find the perfect doll for your baby in this list of the Top dolls for Girls. After all Girls are special and they deserve nothing but the best. This list will contain only the best dolls a little girls dreams of getting as a present.

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Trust me the market is filled with dolls but only a few actually make the cut as been really great. If you ask me we have weeded through the many options to bring you the real winners that are among the most desired dolls.

Best Dolls for Girls

So here are my top picks of the top rated baby dolls that you can buy right now at very good prices:

1.Shopkins Shoppies Pam Cake Doll

Top dolls for Girls

Girls love shopkins and the Shopkins doll is just cute and perfect.Along with the doll you will get 2 exclusive shopkins that are unique to this doll and a brush,purse and VIP card. So if your daughter already loves and collects shopkins this is an ideal gift to get her.It will also add to her collection too which is priceless considering all things.

2.Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Top dolls for Girls

No list of dolls is complete without the perfect queen of dolls Barbie. No other embodies this than Fashionista Barbie. This doll is dressed in a pink, white and teal plaid top with a matching teal skirt.But the fun part of this doll is that you can dress her up in various clothing as you choose to accessorize her with.

3.La Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll

Top dolls for Girls

This soft body doll looks very realistic especially in the face which is why she is the perfect doll for this list. It’s the perfect doll for smaller kids as it very light weight and if it gets messy it can be cleaned easily which is very appealing for parents with smaller kids. This doll is so cuddly that your Girl child will not be able to resist hugging and snuggling up with this doll.

4.Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

Top dolls for Girls

Another cool Barbie for this list is the mermaid version. What makes this doll special you might ask? well this one lights up. This will happen in the tail section and when she is placed in water. The light show can also be triggered on land by pushing the special button on her necklace. This doll is really popular and will be a winner with any girl.

5.DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman 12″ Action Doll

Top dolls for Girls

These dollars are amazing and its like one part doll and the other part action figure. Not only are they modeled after strong female characters girls can get their favorite super hero in this set. So not only the boys can have their heroes. All dolls in this series have great hair that can be combed and great dress wear. they can also strike poses. Girls can have plenty of fun dressing and playing with this doll that’s a welcomed step away from the traditional doll with great effect.


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