The Thug Kitchen Cookbook

thug kitchen cookbook

Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen is a no-nonsense approach to preparing health food for you or for your family’s health, why? because some one might as well care about your health and it better be you. The thug kitchen cookbook gets its message across in a fun and humorous way with some very colorful language while teaching you the principles of a Vegan die, but mind you these recipes are both fun to prepare and taste even better.

Thug kitchen Cookbook

The meal ideas in the Thug Kitchen Cookbook are fully plant-based and  vegan, but be warned that the material inside the book is presented in a gangster like slang or thug format for effect. So if colorful words as hinted to on the cover offend you then you may want to avoid this book like a bad hair day.

But if you are intrigued by the book and can look past the fluff then what you will find beneath is a pretty descent book. Actually its down right funny on starting to read I was drawn in each sentence I read, I often forgot that I was reading a cookbook and the authors creatively stripped away that feeling you often get when reading a cookbook especially one on eating healthier or adopting a vegan healthy eating life style. The writers definitely have something here that other books of its kind lack and that is other healthy eating books take themselves way too seriously.

The truth is that we all do not pay enough attention to our food choices the single most important decision that we make every day or what to put into our bodies, if you have been looking to or trying to adopt a healthier life style its time you tried applying new tools to this old struggle, trust me this time you will definitely put a dent into getting and eating healthier. Being healthy does not mean that you must have a boat load of money and live in a mansion on a hill. After getting the book you can also check out their website or blog: thugkitchen.

Who is this book for?

This book is for virtually everyone, the exception been those who cannot bear to hear the colorful language, especially for a modern generation of people who have grown up on fast food and need a better alternative to the crap they consume on a daily basis from prepared packages and fast food joints. You might save a life with the thug kitchen cookbook and that life maybe your own.


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