The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon

Ever so often one comes across a profound book that literally can alter the course of one life and I can easily say that The Richest Man in Babylon is one such book. Finance or money is one of those things that affects every one yet we all treat money in different ways but at the end of the day there are some who never seem to be able to acquire and keep any of it as it remains ever elusive to them as is the case for most of us, but there are a select few that have mastered the art of making money and are in control of their destiny and have become wealthy because of this.What sets these men apart from the rest? well this book answers that question and more.

The richest man in Babylon uses the ancient city of Babylon along with great story telling to reveal a truth that’s so profound that when I first read this book the words on the pages simply made sense as simple as they were but yet so enlightening. This book is a great book that all should read at least once in their life as the lessons it teaches are lessons to guide us in finance and how we should all treat money and personal finances.

Story Telling with Great effect

The book takes the approach of teaching a great and simple truth and then reveals practical applications of whats meant in the form of stories that makes the reader really think and analyze situations that are presented in an ancient civilization which still has applications in the modern era. The principles thought cover how to get out of debt, how grow personal wealth, how to make more money from the money you already have, how to decide whether an investment is a sound one, principles to keep in mind on money lending and much more.

Although the city of Babylon is no more the principles though in The Richest Man in Babylon are beyond words and dives deep into principles that are true now as in the days of old. After reading this book you should have a better grasp on your finances and be able to grow wealth and is a must read for every one.


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