The Oral B Professional Care 5000

oral b professional care 5000

The way you clean your teeth has been evolving over the years, have you been keeping up with the advancements in dental oral hygiene care? check out the very impressive oral B professional care 5000 the one and only Electric toothbrush that you will ever need. It so advanced that it both cleans and Floss and comes with up to 5 cleaning modes for a better clean that superior to that which you would get normally from a traditional toothbrush.

The oral b professional care 5000 is so easy to use that all you need to do is allow the brush to do its thing and guide it to where you need to be cleaned and do not miss any surface of your teeth and it will do the rest automatically.

Also the oral b professional care 5000 will last a very long time as the heads are interchangeable simply replace the old one with a new one when the other becomes worn out which should be in about 3 months and you can also fit your electric toothbrush with several cleaning heads to suit your teeth cleaning needs:

oral b professional care 5000

How long will the Oral b Professional Care 5000 last?

Other than the cleaning heads that you should use for no more than 3 months, you will find that most users have been using theirs for up to 4-5 years without trouble and that should be more than enough for any user.

How many Brush Heads are Included?

Inside the package is one brush head, if you need extras or another type you will have to pick that up separately.

220V or 110V support?

This product is designed to handle 110 Volts but it will still work with 220V you simply need to purchase an adapter for that to work.

Overall this is a great product that I recommenced that you check out and for the best prices around you can see the link below:


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